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Sat 16 May 2020 23:44


Right now, I am listening to a book about Lucid dreaming.. I didn’t expect something like this can even exist until recently I came across it on YouTube, wouldn’t that be exciting to dream and you can do whatever you want.. I really want to try and experience this, then I keyworded in audible and this book came up, it didn’t really give me a technique yet how to get into it, but this guy is convincing me with the stories what it can all do.

Anyway, Lucid dreaming is – a dream in which a person is aware that they are dreaming and they may gain a large amount of control over the dream and what you are doing if you set your intentions properly. I mean, in the sense, you kinda have to rehearse it before going to bed. An example of setting an intention is, If I get a snake in my dream, I know it’s just a dream and silly snake can’t do anything to me, I am just gonna look into it’s eye..

Anyway, after lunch I went to Kennington Park, a couple of days ago I went there with my mate Jase in my lunch break and there so many roses.. and there wasn’t sunshine and I needed more time so I went back today and it was so beautiful.. Luckily, my Spanish flatmate was also going there bkz her friends were playing badminton in there. I didn’t go to sit in the park but I went for the Rose garden, anyway, today was probably the first weekend that the government kinda allowed us to get out in the sun after so many days..

I took a bunch of pictures in the rose garden and I got home so quickly, bkz I was already feeling guilty for going out..

Anyway, for today’s dinner, I had also made, Lentils.

How to make Indian Lentils.


– 100 grams of Red Lentils.

– 5 x Cloves of Garlic sized Tamarind ( 2 Tomatoes substitute )

– Half teaspoon of Chili powder

– Half teaspoon of Salt

– A quarter teaspoon of Turmeric.

– 3 x Cloves of Garlic.

– 3 x Cloves size of Ginger.

Take a medium-sized saucepan for 100g of Lentils and add one and a half glass of water. Then add all the ingredients Tamarind, you can buy Tamarind from these guys, I have never used them though, I have Tamarind from home, my mom gives me all the times..

Anyway, Add Tamarind, if you don’t have Tamarind, you can add 2 Tomatoes, if you don’t tomatoes, you can still cook like that. bkz, that’s also one of the types of Daal’s.. plain ones usually nicer with Chapatis.

Add Chili powder, if you have one green chilly you can also add but not needed.

then add Salt,.. If you want it to cook quicker you can add salt at the end..

then add Haldi ( Turmeric Powder, again, the main ingredient in ancient Indian cooking, Turmeric is also very good for your health it has scientifically proven health benefits.

then add Ginger and Garlic… Peel them, Crush them and if you have, see the pics below, crush them with that.. and add them.

Leave it on the minimum stove for 25 to 30 minutes, until the lentils are completely dissolved.. Mix them, keep mixing them for every 5 minutes or so, so that it doesn’t settle at the bottom. bottom like you!

The Lentils are done.. you can eat it like this, this is how much a lot of the world quickly does it ..

However, the traditional country made food further goes a bit more..

Take a small-sized pan.. add about 6 teaspoons of Oil.. ( more the better)

When the oil is hot, not warm.. hot!, add a pinch of Cumin, add a pinch of black mustard seeds and add 1 or 2 half cut, sun-dried red chillis.. and finally, add about 8 Curry leaves.. I have not seen curry leaves in UK supermarkets, but you can find them on that Redrickshaw website.

Curry leaves will jump in the oil as soon as you drop them in the hot oil, so be careful. Once you drop the curry leaves, lift the pan and take it towards, your lentils, lift the lentils lid, quickly add this hot oil to that lentils and with one hand and with other hand cover the lentils bkz, it will jump, the oil is hot with all those seeds..

You can lift the lid up in 3 seconds an mix it.. that’s it.. it will be really yummiee ..

Also, cooking Tamarind is never the sweet tamarind, it’s the other one..

3 things today I am grateful for

– my parents

– my brother sister

– for my work

1 wish of my day – what would it take for everything to be just fine for us and our families.. now and forever!!!! and everything in the way of that happening, please get deleted and please make it happen.

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Ash Khaleem

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I did the daal below, I didn’t have all the ingredients bkz of the corona.

and the pics are from the Kennington Park, Rose Garden, London.