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Success starts the day you realize your life is your own lesson! 

🌈 1083 – Thu 02 Nov 22:29 2023


Just eaten and gotten home not long ago, been raining all day today with heavy wind and rain, last night I was up twice with the noise, things falling or branches of the tree flapping on the window, wondered what it was looked outside the window from the bed and have never seen this fast wind and rain in the middle of the night.. the effects of the storm Ciaran that is what they named it, Ciaran. lol.

Today woke up early, still aching and paining from the heavy last weekend, so have not written much since then… was actually feeling better today after the Husky’s dance routine last night, after getting out and managed to get good sleep.. rained in the morning so just decided to have a quick breakfast and logged at work sharp around 08:15.. Thursday days of the work, went well, one meeting and then 3 or 4 calls from the boss asking me to do this and that all had gone well, there is some more work to finish tomorrow creating a feedback form and then get to relax over the weekend and Monday is another big grand puta meeting that I’m dreading off.. but hey ho!! life goes on!

Logged off work sharp around 16:30, had a quick chat with brother around midday but have not spoke to mother for a couple days so decided to ring and she says, we were just thinking and talking about you, you’re going to live a 100 yeas.. I was like, oh God! who wants that mother, what are you guys up to?

She says, Dad’s just went to bed, Neph is playing, and sis in law in the kitchen still and I’m off to pray and then soon to bed.. it was around 10 pm there now. I said okay, have a nice night! bid farewell.

Looked outside window again, still raining, didn’t want to sit back at the desk, did not feel like going to the kitchen at the Laurels, there will be a lot of guys there and did not want to watch tv, so decided to take a nap, until 18:10.. felt so fresh, looked outside window again and it was still raining but spitting slowly under the streetlight, I got the thick rain jacket out, wore thick tracksuits and off to the gym..

After a 4 day gap but still had a really really really really really good workout, did a split routine and let the body choose what it needs, started with 4 x sets of 8 reps of pull ups hanging on the bar, then 4 sets of 8 reps of Shoulder presses, 22 kgs., and then 4 sets of Incline Dumbbell bench presses, and 4 sets of flat bench Dumbbell presses, same weights 4 sets of Hammer curls, and then 4 sets of drop sets Shoulder press bench press, 4 sets of Abs presses on the machine on my way out.. felt very very very good on my way back home, it rained all the way but nothing mattered when the most important thing in the day has achieved is having a good workout after a long day of working out with the mind..

Made Spaghetti with lamb.. a quick meal and then sat watching Ivan the terrible on Netflix and now sitting to write something before bed, and there is alot going on in the rest of the world.

Around the world –

3 things I feel grateful for today

  • Grateful UK where I’m in and nor the country my parents are or the countries by siblings are in a conflict zone..

  • Grateful rained all day today but still managed to get all things done that I needed.

  • Feeling grateful I’m back to doing the routine things. What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, bigger, thicker, more energetic, make it workout in the morning tomorrow Friday, work to go smooth, and then everything to be just fine, then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns, please get removed!

    Goodnight, Good luck!