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Tuesday 24 September 2019 

Junglescout is a tool/Database where you can see all sales and revenue database of Amazon. It means all the products database like, how the sellers are doing. 

How much the revenue any individual product is making or what the listing quality scores are etc.. of the products listed on Amazon. 

This tool is used by researchers and marketers to figure out what products are selling, how people are thinking.. what should we bring in new etc.. and, 

For Internet Marketers, Junglescout is used to find out where there is Demand, Competition and Best quality scores to figure out again, what to bring in and how to beat other sellers of the same products etc.. 

I got into this 10 weeks challenge of becoming a Zero to eCommerce HERO at the SFM, where I learn about Importing, Sourcing and Listing products on Amazon.  It’s FBA Fulfillment By Amazon.. The boxes will not come to your home.. From China, they go to the warehouse in US and from there is gets posted out by Amazon to customers.. 

I am currently in the process of researching my product. I will keep you updated which one I will go with and why.. 

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3 x things I am grateful for today 

– Grateful for all these new learnings.. 

– Grateful for the food I ate today

– Grateful for that person who’s brolly I found today when It was pouring down like crazy! 

1 x little wish of my day 

What would it take for me and for you to easily, flexibility and comfortably list our product on Amazon with 100 % profits on our first products within the challenge that I am in and the first product of yours.. and in the way of all this happening..  I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimensions space and reality.. 

See you until next time.. 

Ash Khaleem 

Click on my image to watch short video from my mentor Stuart. This is where it all started. 


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