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Β Most important things in life are not things!

🌈 1168 Wednesday, 10 April 23:52 2024


First Eid of little Neph Hamdaan. We all barely slept last night. All the family were together in joy at home, eating, laughing, watching, and playing with the new arrival. Last night there was no Tarawi, so we stayed in but brother and I were looking for my tickets to return to London next week, as the later it was the flights go up, while the rest of the family Dad, Mum, bro wife bhabijaan got ready for the eid day today, at least Bhaia and I were working on something together. I got the tickets booked for the 21st next Saturday but later they got cancelled for some reason, I need to sit down again tomorrow.

Anyway, today the Eid day, I was only nodding off on the sofa around 3:45 AM and the call for prayer Azan for Fajr started, one Mosque after another, and so many mosques around here even if someone wants to go back to bed, the speakers will wake you up and the family were all already walking around so I sat up.

Did Wazoo, Bhaia, Pap and I left wearing white and we left for Fajr, the Mosque in Al Hamara, got the seat on the 3rd row behind the Imam and offered the Salah and 2 x rakaths of Salah to Hajath and left for home, we didn’t stay there for long as Eid-ul-Fitr Salah will be at the start of the Sunrise so we won’t have a long to get back to the Mosque again.

We got home around 5 am, and all of us jumped in the shower in no time, got dressed, and Oud was put on fire for fragrance, little Hamdu was very well dressed, we all left, ladies went into their section and gents we went to the bigger section, full of Arabs, and white Jhubba’s with red rumal, and oud and either.. smelled so good.

It started pouring down like anything after the Salah, we all hung in for a while, while we met, and hugged Eid Mubarak to most of the friends, and relations.. we stayed until the ladies were able to come out and bhaia drove us back home, Hamdu’s first eid and my eid with all family after a long time together.. we got home and took pix.. Mom and sis-in-law made breakfast of Roti aur Sira Gosh, and then we all took a nap, woke up again around Zohr at noon offered Zohr Salah and ate Biryani, Bhaia and Pap woke up a bit later, around 14:00 they ate lunch after.

Bhaia and I left home for Asar, then Magrib, the streets were empty, everyone was probably with family on Eid day, eating, sleeping getting together.. Bhaia and I offered Ishan at the Al Hamara at our usual masjid.

later around 22:10, bhaia started RRR movie with all the family sitting in the living room watching together it went on until midnight, I sneaked in to publish the blog around 23:50 and now typing after waking up the next day, just ate Khichadi, and sitting in the living room with all and Hamdu is in walker, bhaia offering the zuhr salah because he was bussu until now, Deedi and family is out, their Eid is today.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful to God for the best Eid for many years.

  • Grateful for Bhaia for all he is today

  • Grateful for the weather, we always thought that rain was a blessing showering from the sky directed from heaven.

Around the rest of the world today –

  • US issues warning as Iran ‘prepares to launch missile strike’ on Israel (Telegraph)

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, bigger, thicker, more energetic, confident, wake up early, get some work done and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns, please get removed..

Goodnight, good luck!