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Β Think more good thoughts!

🌈 1069 – Wed 18 Oct 23:17 2023


Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you dear Bhaia.. Bru.. Happy birthday to my dear loving brother. Poem on brother..

“When the time came he stood by the side. .

No matter where he was, he was on time to pick you up.

He choose your clothes, he ironed your shirts, then he matched your socks with the colours..

He was there the thick and thin when parents disagree and you grew looking at him to take his all pain away.

This is what I have learnt about the bond of the brother hood.. and I’m sorry for all of you who do not have a brother..

Dear brother, you’re the person on whom I can always depend,

you’re not just my brother, you’re also my friend.

For me you’re the greatest! For me you’re the king!

I love you and I thank you for everything.. ”

Work up early, dark, grey, cloudy and wet outside.. asked siri what’s the weather was and it says 17 but it was feeling like 7 degrees.. about to rain, wanted to have a workout before logging in work, so quickly got dressed, blue jumper, tracksuits, shorts inside, white t-shirt.. About to leave home and got a text from a Coll asking about something on the minutes work done this week. I stayed in answered and was getting ready to go again and there was another query I needed to respond to decided to stay in and perhaps go to the gym at the lunch time.

Logged in sharp, have bits and pieces to catch up, did have along and busy full last week and this is the easing off period, so it’s okay to say awww… first half morning did the audits work, sent some emails for approval then sent them out..

Around 11 AM it started raining heavily, the window on my right next to the desk, the water was spitting in, so shut the window, got the heater on next to me and also lit a candle, just to feel cosy at home and the rain drops on the window..

“Little By Little Oasis playing on the virgin radio by my side.. We, the people, fight for existence.. We don’t claim to be perfect but we’re free!

We dream our dreams alone with no resistance. Fading like the stars we wish to be..

‘Cause little by little We gave you everything you ever dreamed of.

Little by little, the weeks of your life have slowly fallen off.. “

If this is what is called heaven and feel comfortable to be in your skin, I think I feel it now.. with this joy worked through sharp until 13:10 when I decide to break for lunch.. got dressed again and got to the gym around 13:20 ..

Nice and quiet at this time of day, did legs workout – 8 reps of 4 sets of Squats, then 8 reps of 4 sets of Incline bench presses and 4 sets of Shoulder press on the machine drop sets and 8 sets of 8 reps of Abs presses.. then got home, went to the kitchen at the Laurels, Stockwell 2nd floor, my 2 flatmates were there one Italian and other Greek they were talking about some holiday. I made my lunch, lamb and rice for about 20 min, put in box and got back sat straight at the desk..

Rest of the afternoon went smooth, just catching up with things and finishing some more work.. had a viewing booked at the Southwark for 17:30 so decided to get ready at 16:00..

16:16 an instinct says to ring Dad for some reason, I acted up on and rung him, he said, he’ll phone back in 10 min and he phoned back after getting home, he’s gone to buy a tooth brush at this time, was around 08:30 in the evening there.. we spoke for a bit, I had asked him why he’s not sending the goodnight messages on the group, and he was like, I was having an early night so I didn’t but I should.. and then spoke to mother for a few and then she sent some pix of Neph Hamd, and we had a laugh and bid farewell.

It was ready 16:50 and I need to rush now, got dressed, it’s pouring down like crazy outside with heavy rain, wore a long rain jacket, sent blessings to mate Chase who’s gift it was many years ago, the good one, still took the bike outside, coz it’ll take time to get to the tube station, took the bike from Union road to Stockwell station, then hopped on the tube Northern line from Stockwell to London bridge then Jubilee line one stop to Southwark.. I was just on time and this girl from Lowe done the viewing.. felt a bit gutted the studio is very spacious and I had missed a chance to get that studio, it was spoken for already. Said, thanks and bye and left from there walking.

17:40 Studio dance booked at the Husky’s Elephant and castle, there is time so decided to just walk from Southwark to Elephant and castle, still rain but now not that heave and this rain is usual in England and doesn’t bother anyone, so walked.. on the left found a Tesco express, stopped and got a Sanmiguel to walk, bit random to be walking with that at this time around this busy area but hey ho! you do what you’re heart feels like doing, I was probably easing the pain off relieving the studio or perhaps in the mood celebrating bro’s birthday. but I’m alone here and so is he abroad…

Got to the Husky’s on time, 18:30, had a quick wee and got to the routine, had good session, finished sharp at 19:45, then walked up to the Walworth road Subway got a big sandwich and walked back up to the Elephant castle station and tube back to Stockwell… then walked back home..

Around the world today –

Russia still invading Ukraine – Putin is currently visiting China to meet Xi Jinping. Xi please convince that fucker to stop invading others and kick him out of your country.

Middle East, there is full scale war on the rage between Israel and Palestine. Yesterday there was a strike on a Gaza hospital that took around 200 civilians and both sides blaming one another and no one claiming responsibility!

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful I had a long conversation with parents today.

  • Grateful for bike, tyres and lights..

  • Grateful for a long, wet but a decent day.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, bigger, thicker, richer, happier, everything to be just fine, have a workout before work and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns please get removed..

goodnight, goodluck!


Bro with his son.