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Come Meet-Up With Like Minded People!

Jul 09, 2022 | London


🌈 00:00


Allaha ey bakriyoon ko kaatne se bachaa lee.. Ey Allaha ey masoom bakriwo ko kat nese bachele. Please Allah tu kuch kar. Mu nai hai so jaanwar hai hai.. Innko tu Bachaalee.. Allaha.a.. A prayer going for all goats.

Today is Eid day. Woke up early. Checked the time to see if I should log into work soon and realised it is Saturday today. I was feeling good. Got off.

Many Eid Mubarak messages on the fam group, and I replied to mother and brother. Maa phoned back in few.. she was making breakfast for Dad, Dad is reading and brother sleeping and they all went to pray in the morning Salah to Adah at around 6:30 in Riyadh.

Brother phoned after an hour, we were catching up, he’s got 2 weeks off until parents departure to Hyderabad on 22nd July. I said today I might be going to buy some shirts. He’s planning to take his parents to show some waterfalls around there 80 km before they leave.

A mate who lives in Kennington had messaged what I was up to today? I said I was thinking of going to town and he said where to shopping? I said, yes maybe.. Where are you thinking, I said, Oxford street, walk down up to Marble arch, do you want to come? and he said..

Yes, can I meet you in front of the Mango store at 15:15?.. I said, sure let’s make it 15:30.. Okay I’ll meet you there and I got there at 15:50.. my mate was already there.. Oxford street was packed.

We walked into Zara, Topshop many stores, really liked a yellow shirt in super dry but did not get, I was just gonna buy some formal shirts for work.. walked down. My mates asked, why did you say up to Marble arch, I said there was Primark, the fitting was so good in there do you mind if we go there? he said, no I don’t walk around. I said, yeah that’s fine. I don’t want to buy anything else but I’m just looking for some plain white cotton shirts.

I found 2 very light white cotton shirts perfect for summer and we quickly left, the line was so big. we first stood for a few min and paid at the counter then I realised I should also have bought a backpack because I don’t want to carry a bag with me all around, so went back in the queue, bought a backpack to put all the stuff in and we walked towards Carnby street where the Pride lightings and decorations were still on.

We walked to 33 D’Arblay St, London W1F 8EU, The Breakfast Club Soho. We sat down outside the tables, and I got a Burger with Ale, and my mates got the Eggs on Benedict. Yum!

We ate and then started walking, stopped for a bit at Trafalgar Square and sat down a few minutes and then started walking back via Horse Guards Parades, then Westminster Place, down towards Lambeth Palace, and by the Arch bishop’s castle, we sat down again a few minutes and The Sun was just going down. Couldn’t be a perfect sunset over the Parliament. So, Majestic, it looked.

I got home around 19:30 or 20:00, my stomach was still so full. Tried to take a nap but couldn’t sleep. I was up and it was too hot and I was chatting on the group with mates.. and one who lives at the Elephant and castle said, he’s dog sitting at around Stockwell and was asking us to join at the roof terrace with the city view.

I was reluctant and its only Saturday and he said come come.. so I went he was already a bit tipys, I didn’t even get to take a pic there. he was being a dick so I left and then walked back home, while I was walking back, I looked at the time and It was 00:00, I quickly managed to login on my phone while walking by Albert Square Gardens in Stockwell, and published the blog otherwise it would have missed the date.

3 things I felt grateful for today

* Grateful for the internet for being so helpful

* Grateful for mobile phone

* So grateful for colour green

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger and bigger tomorrow and have a relaxing yet productive Sunday tomorrow and all negative patterns, please get deleted now! Sleep is coming like crazy. Goodnight, goodluck., Ash