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Friday 01 March 2019

I have been off today from work.. I woke up so happy! 

Woke up at 05:15, had my soaked nuts, made a cuppa and rung my mum. 05:15 for me is 11:30 for her in Hyderabad, India.. I spoke to her for 40 minutes, I usually start my weekend speaking to my parents.. I had been off from work today so that I get ready for SFM’s Marketing Mastery I am attending tomorrow.  My mates are already there.. 2 of them are already tucked in the bed.. 

Had my breakfast, Tomatoes and Sun-dried beef and rice. I had made them the night before I guess.  then I sat down working on my campaigns.. I created about 20 Ad groups in Google Ads.. 

Then I took a nap at 11 AM for an hour listening to Michale Sealey’s Guided Meditation for Sleep – Uplifting Your Higher Self Meditation. It was for an hour, I put an alarm hour and 10 minutes but I woke up as soon as the Meditation ended.. 

I had a bottle of Chicken Yogurt and a beetroot blend in a grinder. I was just on time, I predicted my Dad will ring me back after my nap. and he did.. I spoke to him for about an hour.. I was very mindful while I was speaking to him, I had tried to be in the now and present and I prayed I should make him laugh at least once and we laughed many times. 

Worked on my business the rest of the time and attended 1PM Body Pump Class at the gym.. Had a great workout… The trainer was great.. 

Got home, made some lunch, Spinach and Peanuts cooked, ate with rice and cheese on top and a few slices of raw onions. Yum!!! 

Sat down on my desk around 4pm and made a list of thing I need to pack for tomorrow.. Had to do the laundry…  I aim to look very sharp tomorrow.. I ironed a nice brown shirt and blue fitted jeans for tomorrow..  “On my way to becoming a Billionaire, I dress up like the one in the Now! Because now is the only moment I have”

I was working on my business for many hours after that.. I then took a nap at 6:30 to 7 sharp.. 7:15, I got ready for Swim..Got to  swim at 7:30, It was 7:45 to 8:30 was the class. I am learning advanced new date results techniques.. Enjoyed my swim and had my affirmations on my tongue many times.. 

Got home, 9:00 ate dinner, Rice, Ghee and Tamarind pickle made with red chillies. 

3 x things I am grateful for today 

– I am grateful for being living in London. Speically tomorrow all my mates had to travel spend time and money and I am here in London and the event is in London. I am so grateful my clothes will be wrinkle free traveling on the efficient underground on the planet.  London Tube Map 

– I am grateful for the new instructor I had today at the swim, he was very funny. He made me laugh many times.. 

–  I am grateful for my flatmate who let me check the pics on his grinder. lol.

3 x happy moments of my day. 

– I laughed so much today when I spoke to my mum.. 

– I laughed so much today when I spoke to my dad. 

– I laughed so much when I was at the swim. 

3 x things that I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my destination 

– Stay attentive in the marketing mastery 

– Be mindful, happy and grateful. 

– Complete Google Analytics Training. 

1 x Act of kindness today 

– one guy asked me how did I improve, I said to him to watch how to swim videos on youtube.. 

Have a great weekend.. I love you all. 

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