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Sunday 07 July 2019

Got home late last night, I think it was close to midnight and I was still saying goodbye to a friend.. I had such a wonderful time yesterday at London Pride.. Since I am building my online business.. My first start up.. perhaps I would like to say the first bkz, I would like them to be many more.. 

Anyway, so I disconnected with most of the world, like the news, time, people, friends etc.. Most of my actions are directed towards my goals.. So yesterday was London Pride.. I was kinda looking forward and then was kinda thinking I shouldn’t go.. bkz, that would be a distraction to my goals. deep down I definitely know, I am gonna go. bkz I love the pride and the beauty and the message it brings. 

My friends, they ate so much for lunch bkz it’s a pride day and another friend was visiting London for pride but they ate so much so they didn’t come.. I was kinda happy bkz, I can do whatever I want.. 

The crowd I think it was more than a million.. I was kinda in the parade one time, one year I watched it so closely screaming from the barriers.. this time I decided to miss all those and get there around 5:30.. It was such a beautiful day, warm but Sun wasn’t out..


I went into the crowd of the Old Compton street… Past the GAY, passed the Herman the German, then the village from the right, I took that little street that connects towards the street to Dog and Duck pub towards Dean-street anyway.. I got to Soho Square.. It was so packed, little tiny place and I felt like walking into that corner In the crowd, bkz you don’t know where the barriers are.. that was a dead end, so I had to turn back, this is in the square. Soho square is a little park in Soho.. It’s pretty. So walked, I found a dead end then I turned around, walked another way, there was something that I could, like drawn too.. I saw this guy.. You know, when I was going up .. on the national television the only channel we used to have, there was this little series always about Indian kings and how that old India used to be great.. those people in those tv series used to dress up.. when I watched I was a little boy, It was it was cute, I always loved it .. I used to look at them, their design etc .. I don’t think I would wanna wear that though.. but I love those.. 

So this guy who was British born but the indian origin, he was actually wearing that.. and with every detail of work put it.. bkz they have to put shoes and the Tilak which is the Secret holy mark on Hindu’s forehead.. I got a pic with him..


I was so happy to see him that he made an effort to do all that and wear it on a hot day bkz it’s his pride. he’s celebrating his way. I spoke to him, we asked where we live, how are lives were and he was a sweet guy! bless him! 

Anyway, after that, I walked towards Old Compton street again, then I bumped into this guy who I always felt he was around, like he used to live around me, so I used to see him here and there but we never said hello and today we were like, hey how are you.. and then started taking. he was like, I don’t know why we never said hello.. we bonded in a such a great way then we started walking through the Greek street where Soho house is, we were just outside of some pub, just talking and this crazy guy who was dressed up in all leather started talking to us. I wasn’t understanding any of the things he was saying, he was like an older English gentleman with his queens English I think.. I didn’t get his joke, then I was like, I said to my friend I have to pee and I went to the loo downstairs and there was a huge queue.. so I left through the other door and came back to that old place and my friend was gone. this leather guy was still there but my friend was gone.. We didn’t exchange numbers. HAHA! 

then I walked towards Soho house and stood at a place and looked around to see what on the physical planet had made me rest their.. then I saw this guy.. He was like a little Chinese Indian type, average height, he had a black Mush, no hair.. he was wearing glasses.. he was wearing a ladies pick like a top/loose maybe sleeping thing I think that is.. and he wore those loose boys pants and white shoes.. O my God. It was such a wonder to see him.. he was with a group of friends, they were hugging, new people were joining in, he was talking to them.. he was so happy!!  He can do that, he can wear whatever he wants..  the kids can’t do that in India, in the middle east and probably most of the world.. Our job is to encourage it. encourage the pride.. the message it brings out.. We equal.. we are liberals. .we can do or be whatever we want.. tbh, we are actually infinite beings, we could do anything we want.. 

I gave him my blessings and walked and walked and stood at another place, and this time, what got my attention.. this kind girl who looked like Sagira from Alladin.. then these 2 drag queens from Germany who comes to every year.. all these people, they make an effort to do something that they think is a bliss towards freedom, towards liberation.. towards you can be, do and have whatever you want.. 

you are Free.. you are one!! 

Then I was walking back towards Soho square then I saw this guy, he stopped and we said hello to each other, we started hanging.. we started talking and then started walking.. there was this huge guy with the pretty girl, there was so many millions and millions of beautiful faces, colors and noises.. then my this new friend was like you have to come and meet my friends they are around the Ruperts street.. I was like, sure let’s go.. we walked .. it was still so packed.. then we finally got to Rupert street out Rupert street bar.. It just started raining.. slow rain.. he’s friend was on a wheelchair, he was so happy and it started raining and he started dancing.. it felt such a wonderful and i turned around and I saw everybody dancing.. and I looked up and the rain on my face.. I wish I had said thank you at that time.. but I was in the moment.. and I started dancing.. and I every moment of it.. 

3 x things I am grateful for today 

– I am grateful for the way we have advanced technology, transgender rights all of it.. 

– I am grateful for I was being able to be mindful and enjoy all of it. 

– I am grateful for having met so many people, so many stories and value we can bring to them.. 

3 x things I need to do next will take me step closer to my goals 

– Complete updating follow up series 

– Schedule a broadcast 

– Follow up on the Apps

1 x little wish of my day 

– What would it take for you to attend at a pride at least once in your life time and have a really really really good time and everything in the way of that, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimensions space and reality.. 

Ash Khaleem

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