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Interesting things happen when you do interesting things

🌈 999 – Tue 1 Aug 23:33 2023 


999 Unbelievable.. to me tomorrow it will be 1000.. did I write every day no! but I presented myself.. Every night, I sat down before midnight and put the date sometimes wrote, often times did not but published, if I didn’t after midnight the date on the website will change so just put some words down.. day and day I dragged myself to sit down and say, present sir, present mam to the world.. 999 I feel tingly in my tummy right now, wonder how I will feel when I say today is the one-thousandth day of me sitting down and writing crap! Does anyone even read? I don’t know but I’d feel satisfied, and hopefully one day I’d look back to see what I must have been doing today…

Woke up early, and had a disturbed sleep last night, the Union road, downstairs by the Stockwell is noisy sometimes, I think they close the other road so the main traffic runs through here, and since the weather is warm a lot of people are outside late at night… Yet I felt good when I woke up, I read the Durud Sharif in bed, did 15 affirmations, spend money on the Secret Money app.. read the desires, then gave and then one more time wishes and affirmations.. got off bed.. Tuesday’s day of work needed to go into the office.

7:20 Ironed cotton white shirt and dark blue formal trousers, then sat and meditated for about 6 min alarm, jumped in the shower, did Gusl, then offered 2 x rakaths of Salah to Fajr, and 2 x rakaths of Salah to Hajath Namaz, wore black formal shoes, helmet, got the bike out, put a rain jacket in the backpack with a work laptop, left home at 08:40..

Wet but not raining at that time.. was feeling good on my way to work, had the Bloomberg business radio news on, and fly in the air like anything… (LMFAO – I’m szy and I know it!! haha!! )

Got to work just after 9 AM.. sharp but sweaty.. bosses were already there, and one of them asked what time is the training? I said, 09:30.. I was sweating, so rested for a bit sat outside then headed to the training NPSA briefing until 11:30.. good to have a change every day and not having a routine is the best routine.. Example try and take a different route if possible, always be controlled about your speed and security.. Never mind!

Got back to the desk and the work was smooth, broke for lunch at work till 14:30 walked up to Victoria Street to get some lunch, had a pie there back to the desk, and worked till 16:38 when the boss’ said almost time to go.. come on! only then I looked at the time and it was close to 5 pm.. wonder how time flew.

Left for home, it was just started to rain, WFH tomorrow so gotta carry a backpack, the laptop, and all the shop with me on the bike, but glad the rain was not that heavy and I got home in 20 min.. was feeling sos os sos soo good on my way home listening to Tim Ferris’s podcast with Kevin on talking funny..

Had a cup of tea and went to the gym for an evening workout, did upper body, Pure gym Wandsworth road lucky to get the bench downstairs at this time of the day, lot of people but had a really really really really really good workout, 4 x set of 8 reps of Pull ups, then 4 sets of 8 reps Barbell Bench press, 4 x Incline Dumbbell Bench press, Dumbbell shoulder press, Standing Dumbbell lateral raise, then Shoulder presses on the machine and Abs on my way out.. started pouring down outside by then, nipped in to the supermarket, Sainsbury on my way, got some Chicken and mint and coriander.. and made Harees.. yum!

In the news today, a major study in England revealed Covid Lockdown harmed the emotional development of almost half of the Children in the country! of course man! I prevented all my family from watching TV at that time. I doubt rest not the least percent of people had done that, my little niece and nephew didn’t see all that horror on the tv.. Sorry to those who suffered but we were out helping driving, bringing food from the supermarket for the old people in our building, etc.. but most of the world sat in front of the tv with aw.. Otherwise wanking at home!

The findings emerged after the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the UCL Institute of Education surveyed more than 6,000 parents – the first study of its kind into the impact of Covid restrictions on childhood behaviour and development + they have also built eating disorders..

Russia’s still invading Ukraine.. The Ukrainian military had intended to remotely pilot a drone laden with explosives into a Russian ship. Today Musk refused to turn on Starlink for the Ukraine drone attack, he didn’t give access to the Starlink satellite network use. Tbh, I don’t know if it is for the good of the planet or not.. But Russia you should stop!

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for the UK not being in any conflict zones right now
  • Grateful for none of my family is any where close to any unnecessary wars anywhere!
  • Grateful for not having done much today but still feels like a lot of done today!

What would it take for me and for you to wake tomorrow to Wednesday to be a new day full of new opportunities and have a good workout tomorrow and feel 10 x times bigger, thicker, happier, richer, more energetic and have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive another day tomorrow?

Goodnight, good luck!