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🌈 996 – Fri 28 Jul 23:34 2023


Well well well.. look what finally decided to show up? It’s Friday mood, it is here, therefore, I will be fine. Finish your work soon and be done! and look forward to the weekend and having some fun!

Slept late last night after breaking the fast at 21:00 ate late hence went to bed late.. and slept disturbed, woke up to one of my bosses in my dreams.. but was all right.. Worked from home today, Friday is the daytime to make stories for Monday! Logged in sharp around 08:20, needed to check something for an upcoming meeting at 09:30 everything was okay.. did some work and sat and meditated for 15 min at 09:14.. I just did the preparation for the meeting, l didn’t need to be on there so I was glad. .. 09:40 had a shower and offered 2 x Rakaths of Salah Fajr.. The Sun is out brige and beautiful, sometimes during the day, it was spitting rain but mostly stayed dry and muggy. I was so hot I had to take the shirt off and sat on the shorts..

Worked through until 13:15 then broke for lunch, but fasting again today so no lunch, did had another quick shower and Wazoo and went to Friday Jumma Salah at the Al Naghasi mosque, got the seat outside and they had nice tents up in case if it rains, it felt good sitting inside those tents, I heard rain drops tup tup tup and water on the sides of the tent, wondered if the floor will get wet, but no… offfered 2 x rakaths of Jumma Salah and left for home, when i got out of the tent there was no rain, before the crowd begins got the bike out and got home quickly back at my desk… was chatting to brother earlier and we said to each other, just a couple weeks ago we offered our Jumma at Mecca.. he said what a wonderful time it was, thanks to you! I asked why thanks to me.. it was thanks to you.. he said, we went only because you came to visit me at KSA.. we were both grateful for the moment and the memory!

Worked checking the audits the rest of the afternoon and then some meeting bookings and logged off work around 16:50.. had been reading the A Walk in the Woods book, about the Appalachian Trail, I had no idea before that you’re able to walk at 2,100 miles long, the trail run through many states from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia. If you go one you could come out of another side and I cannot wait to do this.. read the book for an hour and a half until 17:40 and then took a long nap…

Woke up around 19:20 and there is more than a couple more hours before breaking the fast.. Yesterday and Today were the 2 days of the Muharram month fast – Following the tradition of Prophet Muhammad – Wanting his followers to show the same gratitude to Allah, Prophet Muhammad decided to observe a two-day fast,Β one on the day of Ashura and the day prior that is the 9th and 10th days of Muharram. These are the traditional customs of Sunni Muslims.

21:02 broke the fast with Khajoor and a Banana and a big glass of the most wonderful magical drink that I’ve been longing all day the Water.. and then offered 3 rakahts of Magrib salah and went downstairs to make dinner.. Harees..

Around the world today – Ukrainian fighting an unnecessary war by fucked up Russia, recent updates that the Ukrainian forces could trap Russian soldiers in a pincer movement as their counter-offensive breaks through enemy lines. The armed forces of Ukraine intend to pincer the Russian Federation’s armed forces near Ukraine’s border!! Russia please stop! and get the fuck out of Ukraine!

— Singapore executed a woman for drug trafficking. A tragic spotlight on the death penalty is still on in the world.

— Extreme weather throughout the world all of a sudden, Canada wildfires are raging like anything and four times as much land has burned than any other season since 1990 – 20 million acres have been scorched, with smoke spreading across large parts of the US at the start of July

3 things I felt grateful for today.

  • Grateful for things going according to plan.
  • Felt grateful work was finished on time, everything was done and will have satisfaction for the weekend.
  • So grateful that the better days are coming they are called Saturday and Sunday!! yahoo…

What would it take for me and for you to wake up to a new world? filled with love among people, gratitude and compassion and humans to be once again humankind? is that even possible?

Goodnight, goodluck! Ash