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🌈 995 – Thu 27 Jul 23:53 2023


Just be clear about what you want. Make sure you exactly know where you are going.. Don’t worry if you don’t know how you’ll get there. Answers will come to you. Never stop working hard. Never stop believing that you’ll get there. And, you’ll be on your way to great success. Is this even true? I don’t know but from today on, I’m going to believe it.. Lord’s way is mysterious… just gonna take the steps I need to take every day, do the work, and won’t expect anything.

Out of nowhere, I got an opportunity to go to Mecca last month and then brother gave me these 2 bottles of Olive oil. They think oils, I didn’t know what to do with them, neither can cook nor put it on the hair, just been sitting there, and a friend of a friend got in touch, his son’s got some skin thing and this is the only oil that’s helping me and this guy came from Leister to London to collect it. Why I went to Saudi, why I bought that oil, and why this kid needs it. Humans are just puppets.

Woke up early, around 5 am.. cold and wet outside, turned the heating on, put the headphones on, and went back to bed, several alarms after work up at 08:45 had a decent lie-in, and was glad to be working from home today… Sat mediated a few min and then had a shower and offered 2 x rakaths of Salah Fajr and sat at the desk and logged in sharp around 09:09 and was feeling good.


The Sun was out in the window, it was wet outside but warm and muggy. Content editors training from 09:30 to 13:00 went well.. Boss’s phoned on teams and gave some booking meeting and research work, done and 13:30 had a call with this Fitness group teaching instructor, going to enroll into a new course Level 3 PT this weekend and get on it.. Sat the desk rest of the afternoon working, and reading.. Logged off work around 16:30 and then took a nap… woke up and did Wazoo and went to Mosque Wandsworth road, offered Zohr, and Magrib Salah together, then to the Sainsbury’s by the Nine Elms station, got home.. this guy came to pick up the oil, gave it to him, went to the kitchen and made Harees… got back upstairs, 09:30 around was the Iftari.. brother was texting, we spoke for a bit chatting and I ate watching Netflix, some weird thing..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Have been missing for many days but managed to sit down today and wrote something, the day felt too important so felt like not missing it.
  • Grateful for Harees, cooked for the first time but turned out to be great, offered some to neighbor mate Alife for his lunch for tomorrow, he’s happy.
  • Grateful for a good night’s sleep I’m looking forward to just now, and mother texted checking up on me and if I still slept and how did the Fast go today? I said it went well..


  • Around the world –

— Russia’s still invading Ukraine, Kyiv launched the main thrust of its counter-offensive with thousands of men and Western armored vehicles pouring onto the frontlines in Zaporizhzhia. Ukrainian forces whose ranks are boasted with Western-trained troops, are around 100 Western-supplied armored vehicles and hope to advance south to sever a land bridge to Crimea.. Soon victory shall prevail.

— North Korea met with the Russian defense minister who pledged to boost military ties with the country.

— Britain’s Office for National Statistics reports, after Covid lockdowns and other issues in the UK, the crisis has been fuelled by a surge in depression cases. Mental health problems were the single largest cause for being off work amongst those who have dropped out of the labor force. I was certainly not wrong for keeping all my family away from watching TV during the Covid.

— Heavy rains in all of south India and heat warnings in Saudi, Italy, and Spain..

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, more confident, happier, richer, and tomorrow Friday everything to be just fine, work to go well.. all to be good, and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive day tomorrow.. and all negative patterns please get removed..

Goodnight, Good luck! Ash