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Mind can be very smart in deceiving you: it can recall an event which happened at past and make you believe you are in present moment.

🌈 974 – Wed 7 Jun 23:54 2023


Why some days are so much shittier than other days? today was a shitty day and I’m so glad it is over. What to do when the day is going so shitty. Tried to close my eyes but still don’t feel relaxed. Why do I feel like, I should be doing something, doing and doing something all the time? Tomorrow there was be a bit of satisfaction, at least I wrote something before sleeping, that was not so bad.

Legs aching, legs aching so bad at night, sleep is coming but don’t feel like sleeping… Singing Blige

Broken heart again

Another lesson learn

Better know your friends

Or else you will get burned

Gotto count on me

Cause I can guarantee

That I’ll be fine!!

Why’d I play the fool

Go through ups and downs

Knowing all the time

You wouldn’t be around

Or maybe I like the stress

‘Cause I am young and restless’

It feels so good

When you let go

Of all drama in your life

Now you’re Free from all the pain

Free from all the game

Free from all the stress

So find your Happiness!

I don’t know

Only God knows where the story

ends for me

But I know where the story begins

It’s up to me to choose

Whether I win or loose

And I choose to Win!


God, are you there? Are you really there? Was it just a blind belief?

God, are you there? Are you really there? Nobody had seen any evidence of your existence not at least the past 300 years of recent history we have, not at least 100 years I know from my grandparents, or parents or I.. God are you really there? Are you there?

Today is one of the days for me that I probably wrote all shit!

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for being able to work from home.
  • Grateful I have a comfortable bed to go to bed now.
  • Grateful to have been able to read the family and predecessors‘ history going back to the 9th century.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, richer happier, for everything to be just fine, have a good workout and login work well, and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns please get removed.. Good night good luck! Ash