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Divi Law

When your motives are sincere, it’s not you who loses anyone, rather it’s others who lose you.

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🌈 966 – Mon 15 May 23:58 2023


Woke up early, mediated 15 min .. ironed a new bright white shirt, and cream pants, checked on the bright red tie, and brown belt, and showered.. bright sunny, and dry outside, left home at 08:05 and quicky fast got to work at Dartmouth street for 08:23 quickly changed the shoes from brown, took the bike out quickly went to the Palace, main gate no entry went in via Blackrod, ran up to the chambers, the session did not start until 08:40.. we make parliament happen, went well. they just wanted people to talk to one another, sat next to someone from the Governance office and we chit-chatted for the next 40 min doing this and that.. left around 09:40 and went back to the desk, was feeling good.. Stayed at there until midday.

Mother had her first dose of radiation therapy today, they went in, first had a scan then some machine was tied around the tummy and then 20 min later it was said it was all done.. she feels absolutely normal, they hung out at the sis’s for a bit now already back home. Sis’s home renovation going on, they are all busy with that.

12:45 went for lunch with workmates, ate cod and salad then back to the desk and worked till 16:45 left for home, still mild and warm outside, on my way, 17:00 Deedi sis phoned I stopped the bike by the pavement and we spoke for 25 min then went back to butchers, bought beef, got home, got on the group call with Bhaia, Ma, and Papa for 20 min then made dinner, a lot of phones at the Laurels kitchen. hey ho! life goes on and watched a few episodes of Better Call Soul..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • grateful for being able to sit at the chambers,
  • grateful for the day and the way it went, Mother’s’s treatment went well with no pain
  • grateful everything was okay all day long.
  • what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, younger, richer, happier, and for everything to be just fine, get to the Vipasan center tomorrow decently and have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns please get removed! goodnight, good luck! Ash
  • Around the world – Russia still invading Ukraine, Zelensky’s surprise visiting London today to meet PM Sunak to get more support and aid. 
  • Cost of living crisis and inflation sky rocketing in UK! 

From tomorrow 16h May till 27th May – I will be going to a meditation retreat at the Vipasana Sukhakari centre, there no mobiles, laptops outside contact is allowed so I won’t be presenting myself to the planet. Aliens please pray for me and wait to see me soon, my thoughts prayers and deep love to all of you!! Ash xx