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In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.

🌈 955 – Mon 1 May 23:45 2023


Woke up early, still dark, grey, cloudy, warm, and stuffy outside. This cock outside starting Chookoo coo… Chukoo coo… Chukoo cooing.. every 15 seconds probably from 6 am now it’s 09:30 AM and it is still shouting. It is pleasant when you hear it but when you’re half asleep it’s not that lovely. Can someone please make Chicken 65 soon lol?

09:30 am went out for a drive with Pap, from Uppal towards Habsiguda, then took the turn from Ek Minar Masjid towards Ramanthapoor, then Amberpet then Korenti, Barkathpura, Narayanguda beside flyover, Iqbal towers went to visit Deedi. Noush and Dan were up, Dan on his desk studying, and Noush was making breakfast, made 2 eggs, Noodles which were pink not sure how the pick color on the food was obtained but it taste okay, Deedi said Chulla sadgaya. Messed up the kitchen.

We left and drove back, on our way back bought Munjal in Amberpet then near Little flower school Uppal bought 2 plates Idly and 1 plate bonda came home and mother was already up and she was also making & eating breakfast, Dosa then she said she’ll make Puri for me and Pap and made Puri’s and we bought Idly and Oda from outside 4 different varieties of bf’s.. all mixed and we all ate together.

Chilled at home for a couple of hours and then decided to go out to give the new trousers for alterations, they were loose the 32 size height fits well but the waist was too big and fitting was loose, first went towards Mediplus tailor he went to the village, he said to go to another one in that street opposite to South swaroop nagar and we went this short guy was there and he said okay, give me. It was only 10 min that I wore those new trousers that I want to give the size of and he said it needs to be washed before I can start work, if it was in London, I’d take it all back and probably find another tailor, Pap seemed a bit embarrassed and he was saying this and that to cover it and I kept quiet.

Got home and it was already lunchtime, Mother made Bhajioon ki kadi.. we started eating and this red Dastar Khan ( a red traditional cloth that you put in front and put all dishes while you eat) was there and I started trying to read what was written on it, but find it difficult and mother finished it reading it soon.. it said..

“Allaha ke taraf se, Apna risk khaa raha hai tu, is Khaliq ke Dastar Khan per”

“You’re eating what is written for you from God, on this piece of cloth served by whoever!” Parents were quiet after they read that, I thought it was like a message from God. There is usually funny energy when I eat.. as if I eat a lot and I eat everyone else.. no I eat what is written in my name from God.

The trousers were washed and dried on the 3rd floor hanged under the Sun, I went to check and it was already dry with 40 degrees heat., I left home to give it tailor guy and he wasn’t there, the shop was locked.. went upto the Uppal kaman and bought 1 bottle of coconut water, the short chubby guy broke the coconuts with big codowali knife, the brushed while he walks past, it was for Rs. 150 and 1 to drink total Rs.180. Today was the 1st, payday, Mayday, a Bank holiday for most and I drew, Rs. 10,000 out to give at home and 5,000 for myself to spend bought home and gave a big glass of coconut water to mother and the cash.. and I went to take a nap at 17:55 to 18:15.. couldn’t sleep, came back here towards Bhaia’s portion and I know all the energy now will be different.

Pap said the tailor phoned and he finished all clothes let’s give these two and get those, we were gonna take a small bike, just when we were leaving it started to rain so decided to take the car, halfway through it started raining so heavily, pouring down like anything we still drove and give the trousers, took the other ones and went to offer Magrib namaz in Uppal masjid, still pouring down the rain. We got to the masjid and went upstairs, it was time for Azan. Pap said he couldn’t find his phone and asked me to go and check the car, it was raining like I have not seen it before, phone not found, all those thoughts running in my head, that I have to leave my phone now for him when I leave.. later he said he remembered putting it on the charge at home and was apologizing me I though no hard feelings I know you both well by now!

Drove back, tried the trousers and they were too short and we went to give them back for more alternations the traffic at the turning was too heavy that it took 30 min to drive 100 mts and was good practice to learning to drive.. gave them back on our way still same traffic full couldn’t move for 20 min in rain.. home brother phoned around 20:30 we all spoke and then dinner Bhajioon ki kadi.. they were acting weird so I went back towards other portion early around 09:30 did not feel like sleeping until 1 am..

around the world – Russia still invading Ukraine. Sudan is in the conflict zone, last UK rescue flight left yesterday to rescue Brits. this week is the Coronation of Charles in the 6th May.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • no matter how messed up the traffic was the drive went smoothly.
  • grateful when spoke to brother this eve he corrected my language.. Acha baat karlinge apan aaj se.
  • grateful it was a good energy when went to visit deedi’s home.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, happier, richer, everything to be just fine, have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive day tomorrow and all negative energies to be removed goodnight. goodluck! Ash