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Divi Law

Never ever accept that you are a victim. Because you are not!

🌈 953 – Sat 29 Apr 23:17 2023


Aaheesta pow daba ko aate raho ek ke baad ek.. Meri jage my jako martu boletho wo bhi nai. Wo dono se pareshani unke same ek raheti unke piche ek rahtien… Mouth aye tho behtar tha ey zindagi se.

Woke up early, so many mosquitoes.. didn’t sleep well at all for many days, head hurts, have been grinding my teeth like anything, the mouth guard helps but the surroundings do not. So many street dogs in Uppal and they all went crazy last night for some reason and all together started shouting like crazy as if something happened in the middle of the night, Bhaia’s flight was last night so I was going to sleep in his portion but couldn’t dare to sleep alone in the big flat because of the dogs and there is this fucking lizard in the bathroom that I had to pee in the sink, anyway most of the world lives like this so need to stop moaning and get on with the life as there some real issues in the world that need to be addressed first.

Anyway, woke up early, Dad said let’s go for a drive and he made me a cup of tea, just about to leave and there were no clouds and no sign of the rain but all of a sudden it started raining heavily, heavier than that I have not seen in years. Phupujaan is visiting and she was up as well, I asked her for tea and she said no and she just offered Fajr.. and I heard her read Yasin, Manzil, and Quran.. I finished the final chapters of 5 Temptations of CEO book and went to take a nap it was around 06:45 AM still.. Heaven knows the rest of the world is still sleeping as it’s still dark and raining heavily. I miss the company and safety of having brother at home!

Got off the bed again at 9:15 this time slept and also had a few dreams.. there was breakfast waiting on the dining table, 2 Idlys, 2 Woda, and a Bonda.. Phupujaan asked me to send a selfie of mine and brothers to her phone so I whatsapp’d her a couple of our Saudi’s pics and the pics I took of her at her visit, I sent them in the mean I also took cousin Shakeel’s contact from the phone, just a long last cousin we used to talk and had a connection one time of the life and only God knows why we had to do it quietly, parents have negative energies and they expect kids to follow them can you not see how much we miss one another… we were friends and only rarely you feel that connection on the planet and if you feel the connection God give them the courage to follow thier hearts and i wish I do. My dear cousin, I know you’d never get to know this but your cousin misses you deeply and I wish we had l lived in a different world where we could slow love and affection more easily and not just you, I had a connection with your elder brother and your younger sister all different times.. how much I laugh with your sister every time we met. Anyway, the ranting seems to go on today for some reason and the mind keeps wandering..

11:30 AM got the car out, drove Pap and Phuphu Jaan together and went to LB Nagar to drop off Phuphu to get the bus to Nalgonda, she got a seat after trying into many buses, it seems at Choutappal the bus broke down and Jaleel bhaia went to pick her up from there. Got back home, on our way Dad wants to stop at the bakery and we ate small cupcakes I half and Dad one and a half, I felt it was getting stuck in my throat and then the guy said they won’t take the card so I drove looking for an ATM machine in the heavy traffic, found one tried many attempts first Dads card and then mine and there was no money in the machine, I went back to the bakery picked up Dad went to find another ATM no sign of it for miles and we headed back home in the heat around 40 degrees we found one on our way home but it was already to late and long to go back! I came home and went straight to bed to cool my head down with the heat.

Woke up had lunch Biryani and sat with my laptop for an hour or so while Mom spoke said about Mama and Nani and Sabera Aunts operation and all stories from her side of the world.. a few min later she made a nice bowl of Sheer Khorma.. around 18:00 I took another nap for 20 min after thinking about maybe I will stand in the general election next term and went to sleep for 20 min with half awake and then got up had a cup of tea and left home with Pap to go for a drive and went around upto the Chilaka nagar and then home around 19:30 the traffic is like anything got the icecream cones on the way back from downstairs, ate them and dinner asked for yogurt and there was negative energy.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • So grateful the drive went well.
  • So grateful I typed something and could go to bed.
  • So grateful there is no powercut like last time.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, happier, richer, everything to be just fine, another day of the drive to go well, and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet productive day tomorrow and all negative energies please get removed.. goodnight and good luck! Ash


Around the world, Russia, still invading Ukraine.. Ukraine, after a Russian missile hit an apartment block. Nurses in UK are about to strike from tomorrow Sunday 8 pm to midnight Monday, the reason is pay. The pay for public sector workers, nurses, civil servants is just unbelievable. There is too much pay for finance, banking and other private sectors and their bonuses but people who attend people like careworkers and all the other workers except banks is just so unfair.