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Saturday 27 April 2019



The above screenshot you see, youโ€™ll only get to see that if you have a YouTube channel and if you have uploaded a video to your channel.

This page is an edit section. I recently uploaded a video on my channel.. click on the screen to watch that video.

However, the reason behind talking about this is.. to tell you about having your own Channel.

And, You have YouTube on your laptop, mobile everywhere. .ย  and itโ€™s free.. All you have to do it, shoot a video on your phone and upload it to YouTube thatโ€™s it.. and I am sure, you have an email then you can create a Chanel and itโ€™s free.. Start as a hobby, start as a learning something new, trying something new.. It doesn’t have to be perfect or polished. Perfection is an enemy to progress.. All you need is to take action. Some action!!ย 

And What to talk on the camera? Nothing..ย  just sit in front say you are present and here if anybody needs me.. there are so many people will resonate to that..

I created a channel not long ago.. and I just spoke about nothing, just everything that came in my mind.. whatever and I got like 200 something subscribers for no reason.. which I am grateful to be providing some value somehow.

And, most importantly, our future is going to be a lot more digital future.. so we have to figure out what our passion is in the online world. Do you wanna be on the Instagram Youtube or just wanna be a passive Facebook user not a content creator.ย  How do you wanna provide value? How would you like your future to be?

3 x things I am grateful for today

– Grateful for all the food I ate today.
– Grateful for all the people who made it possible for me to have it.
– And grateful for having this little cute lamp in my room..

3 x Happy moments of my day.

– When I was walking back home from the gym after a really really good shoulder workout…
– Happy when I ate Nandoโ€™s Chicken for dinner
-Laughed a few times watching Just for Laughs while I ate.

3 x things I need to do that will take me a step closer to my goals.

– Complete Adwords training.
– Complete google analytics training.
– Complete updating email followup series.

1 x Act of kindness today – I held the door to a couple of people at the gym.

1 x little wish of my dayย  – What would it take for me to able to bring that polishness into my channel and everything in the way of that, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimensions space and reality.


PS. I donโ€™t re read my blog after writing.. bkz I want to save time.. Ash


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