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Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.

🌈 924 – Sat 25 Mar 14:53 2023


Roza no 3 going okay. Ramadhan of 2023. Rona ya hasna nai samajh me aara. Allaha meri Maa ki Saheth Sambhalde.. Mere Maa Baap ko bohat Lambi umar de!  (Ramadhan 2023 Time table below) 

Woke up around 8 am, dua message on the group from Papa. They are at Deedi’s, Dan and Noush are doing exams.. there’s gonna mothers surgery next week, hence they are staying there. April 14 Bhaia’s going home, we both spoke to Deedi this morning then Mamma, then Pappa.. said to Pappa. I will be coming home as well around the same time as Bhaia, he asked if the leave is granted. I said I will talk to the managers next week.

12:30 left home and went to Oval for a flat viewing.. after that went in to buy a mold killer spray from Kennington, on my way looked at swim slots and just one spot available for 13:00, and the at the time was 13:00, I still booked it and got there in few min ride, the barrier let me in as on time.. I swam for about 30 rows of Front crawls, being very careful so the water doesn’t break my fast.. on my way went to do Zohr namaz,

, got home tidied up, waiting for the fuker landlord, and was going to bring some people around to show the room I’m in now. Still waiting for the other agency to get back to me for the room. As soon as I have a confirmation, I will drop the stuff there and probably fly home as soon as possible.

Being too nice can be a dangerous thing sometimes, be an imperfectionist. Not everyone around you is your friend. All you got to do is, be strong and move on. It’s time to be happy again!

The rest of the afternoon spend working, wondering what next. 17:45 took a nap 20 min, Wazoo and Iftar at 18:21.. Apple, Banana, 3 Dates a glass of Water. offered 3 Rakaths of Magrib and 4 Rakaths of Asar Qhazaa. 2 Rakath of Salah tu Hajath.. did dua. ate Tuna, went to the gym, had a really really really really really really good workout, did 5 sets of 8 reps of Pull-ups, 5 sets of Incline cable flys, 5 sets of decline cable flys, then did 5 sets of Shoulder press.. and left got home, heated Roti.. Daal, gosh ka saalan, 21:21 was just thanking God and sending dua, love, gratitude, and compassion to who made that sweet there for me to pick up.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Did not anticipate but had a good swim session.
  • Did not anticipate but offered Zohr in the mosque.
  • Did not anticipate but had a good workout.
  • What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, happier, richer, have a workout tomorrow, the fast to go well and then have a relaxing relaxing relaxing yet productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns, please get removed.. goodnight good luck! Ash

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