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🌈 905 – Mon 6 Mar 23:13 2023


Woke up early, Dad’s had sent nephew Adil’s pix on the group chat, was so happy to see the pix, but didn’t say anything until first bro responded only giving a heart after that.. got off the bed, grey cold, and wet outside, freezing most of the night, slept with 3 layers on, covered like a cocoon. Opened the window and it was raining like crazy. The swim slot was booked at the Vauxhall leisure center for 06:50 but was too late so abandoned the plan and instead went to the gym, in a white t-shirt, and blue tracksuits.. had a quick but decent workout, did 5 sets of 8 reps of pull-ups and 4 sets of dead rows, 4 sets of shoulder press and 4 sets of Abs.. left the gym, got home.. shaved beard, had a shower, offered 2 rakaths of fajr and then 2 rakaths of Salah tu Hajath, and wore a blue shirt with strips and blue casual trousers, took the bike out, hand gloves on, left home 08:40 sharp, past Nine elms, Vauxhall bridge, Tate Britain, Lambeth bridge, St James park, got to work 5 to 9.. was feeling very good. sat at the desk rest of the morning until 12:00 and went into a meeting until 13:45.. lunch time walked up to the bakery and to a glass of hot milk and a pistachio brownie and ate at the desk and relaxed reading the final parts of Untheathered soul book..felt good finishing.. after finishing, took a long A3 white sheet, inside wrote – “My dear friend Wxxxx, you’re a Hero! Hero with a thousand faces! wrapped the book with that paper and left it on the way to the best mate to have the book to read on his coming up months holiday and he was happy to receive an unexpected gift, rest of the afternoon went smoothly… logged off at 16:50 left for home.. cold wet and grey outside, had to turn the lights on the bike, got home 17:53 .. brother was texting at the same time I said I just got home and he said fresh up hooja, feels like I know about this thing even before happening.. I ate 2 apples and got ready and left home, swim slot was booked for 21:20 but got there at 18:30 said to the girl, I had a booking later but I cannot make it and I was wondering if you could let me in.. she called the intercom of the pool attended and asked if there was a space for one more swimmer and he said yes.. she let me in I was so happy and grateful.. where there a will there is a way!

Did 40 rows of front crawls, then did 10 rows of just legs…. left at 19:25.. showered, dried.. on my way went to Sainsbury’s, got some groceries, got home.. Deedi had messaged me saying.. goodnight, I said jaldi paduku app? okay goodnight Allahafiz. she said today is Jagne ki Saath dua me yaad rakho then I offered 4 rakaths of salah tu Ishan and 2 salah to hajath and then 3 rakahts of Wajil witr, then ate watching somethign on netflix..

Around the world – March 6 is Ghana’s Independence Day. Russia’s still invading and Ukraine is currently defending the Bakhmut region. Snow is expected tonight in most parts of the UK.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • grateful for that girl at the better center for letting me in for an early swim.
  • grateful for these thick hand gloves.
  • grateful for the deep sleep which is coming now
  • What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, younger happier, richer and all negative patterns please get deleted? Goodnight, good luck! Ash