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Focus on your goals, not the obstacles.!

DON’T THINK TOO MUCH. You’ll create a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place..

🌈 904 – Sun 5 Mar 23:45 2023


Spend a lot of time checking clothes for tomorrow Monday, still not to sure what I will be wearing. How the mood will be, how the weather outside.

Woke up early today, 6:30 wide up, light, bright but cold outside.. sat and meditated for a few min. Read Dudur-e-sharif, did affirmations, wore white t-shirt, blue side stripe tracksuits, blue trainers, yellow hoodie, green spongy jacket got the bike out got to the gym around 08:10, had a really really really good work out.. first did sets of pull-ups, 4 sets of shoulder press drop sets, 4 sets abs presses.. felt very good.. Mother texted just when I was getting into the bed, I said I just woke up.. few min later got the reply back, okay fresh up hooja.

I txt back after I got home, around 9 am.. she was waiting for water to fill in the tank, Dad’s napping, brother already rang in the morning, and sister offered to help and they’ll be staying there for a few days next week. We spoke and another phone was ringing we bid farewell.

Ate breakfast Chickpeas, and 09:40 swim slot booked at the Vauxhall leisure center, got there at 10:20.. guy let me in with his new hairstyle, and swam at least 50 front crawls, the lane was too busy wondered why is everybody already up today..

Left, got homemade Tuna, Spagattie, ate breakfast watching Ma Black bottom on Netflix, sat at the desk rest of the morning working on the website, fixed the bug, and uploaded Pete’s holiday pix to the gallery.. feeling good. 15;30 Dads said goodnight on the group, I said good night Allahafiz, Assalam alaikum and he replied back, then took a nap after that. there seems still so much time in the day.

set the alarm for 30 min and slept, the alarm went off.. reset for 10 more min.. again reset for 10 more min.. was nicely falling asleep that 10 min peacefully. phone rang and brother was ringing the time was 17:45.. wondered how it’s still only 17.. we briefly spoke, he’s going to Hara, he asked me to sleep more and bid farewell. I got up and got ready and left home, went running.. Wandsworth road, Nine elms, past Vauxhall bridge I saw one more person running towards me, past Tate britain a couple running opposite side, Lambeth bride I saw a youngman dressed like jogging, went towards Westminster bridge crowded.. a lot of people walking, turned around the Parliament, Westminster bridge stairs down by the Covid memorial wall, a couple checking the Queen’s jubliee mudra on the floor, by Archbishiops castle, one more person jogged faster by me.. then past Albert embankment, going back towards Nine Elms turned around and father a little girl ran past, we crossed 3 traffic lights together and they fly past quickly, I felt they were my rehbars, the guides to pick up my pace on my way back and made it easier to run back home.. got home.. took the backpack and went to tesco, wondered why I didn’t go when I was on my way back from swim, got there just bought chicken drum sticks, and doughnuts made dinner.. 19:35 sister’s messaged goonight on the group chat, then ate watching the sleepy hollows, finished it and then started watching the sleepers.. stopped half way, checked clothes for tomorrow ad then now sitting down, going to get a doughnut now in bed and typing.. I hope you had a good day too bich.. I miss you so much! d

Around the world the news is – It seems Taiwan is part of China, I hadn’t know before, Russia’s still invading Ukraine. Russia’s currently seeking help from China for war machines to beat the west in Ukraine. Will China provide it? China please don’t it!

3 things I feltt grateful for today

  • Grateful for having a bed now to sleep comfortably.
  • Grateful for the energy for the workouts today
  • Grateful for water bottles
  • What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, happier, richer, more active, have a workout before and then get to work on time, everything to be good back home and work and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive day tomorrow and all other negative patterns please get removed and goodnight sleep to come now! goodnight.. goodluck! Ash ..