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If it makes you Happy Go for it

🌈 895 – Thu 23 Feb 23:41 2023


Sitting and smiling in bed rn, was going through some old family pix from visiting home last time.

Today went well, woke up early, It was cold, dark, grey, and wet outside, and raining most day. It was mild last week the weather returned to its old self. Read the Durud Sharif while still in bed, then did the affirmations, ate breakfast Tuna Chickpeas.. opened the door pouring down outside. I was like this rain is not going to stop me make a change to my plan.. got dressed, grey tracksuits bottoms, a yellow full thick hoodie jumper plus a rain jacket.. left home took the bike out, got to the gym at 07:50 earlier in the week it gets busier by Thursday comes it eases off, but even with the rain surprisingly much busier than usual.

Did 5 sets of 8 reps of Pull-ups on the bar, then 8 sets of dips hanging, went downstairs, did the upper body, Flat bench Dumbell press, Incline bench dumbbell presses, then 4 x sets of 8 reps of shoulder presses, Arms lateral raises, went back up did 4 more sets of Shoulder presses on the machine and then 4 sets of drop sets Abs press on the machine.. left the gym at 08:55 was feeling so good and POWERFULLLLLL…

Brother messaged asking how the day started. he’s been off since Saudi National day and for another couple more days so chilling at home.

09:16 logged in work, working from today, went well, just worked mostly catching up with the things then 1 HoL brief and 1 content training in the afternoon. went well just sat at the desk rest of the day without moving.

Left home at 16:25, swim slot was booked for 16:30 at the Vauxhall leisure center, and got there easily. Was glad to make it so far, just needed to do a few laps and I will have the rest of the eve left for me.. Swam 50 rows of Front crawls and then a few Breast strokes, had a shower, left, went to Tesco on the Kennington lane, got rice, Tuna and custard, etc.. got home.. sat down ate a decent meal after the second workout… sat down in front of the tv for a while then felt funny for spending too much time.. now sitting and typing, the sleep is coming soon.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for the ability to manage my time.
  • Looking around rn, grateful for having a tidy room.
  • So grateful there is a weekend coming soon to look forward to.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, more active, complete, satisfied, richer, happier and then have a relaxing relaxing relaxing yet productive day tomorrow the Friday, and all negative patterns, please get removed! Goodnight, good luck!

In the news in the UK and around the world today – Asylum β€˜amnesty’ cleared the backlog of 90,000 claims. asylum seekers will be given the right to live in the UK without having face-to-face interviews to check their claims under government plans to reduceΒ the backlog of cases Home Office officials will start contacting the asylum seekers, from Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Eritrea, and Yemen, and give them a 20-day deadline to fill in and return fast-track claims forms.

US releases spy balloon photo

A US pilot captured aΒ stunning close-up photograph of the Chinese spy balloonΒ just a day before American forces shot it down off the South Carolina coast two weeks ago. The Pentagon has now released the image, taken on February 3, which shows the top of the pilot’s helmet inside the U-2 cockpit with the balloon flying below. The balloon – which made headlines around the world – can be seen hovering over the continental US.