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ย  ๐ŸŒˆ 880 – Fri 3 Feb 23:55 2023


Sitting now and watching the classics Lawrence of Arabia, it’s fascinating how something can take you back to a culture that we perhaps will never get to experience riding in the desert with camels.

Woke up early today, was going to login from home, Fridays’ work, honestly feel very grateful it is Friday after a long week. When will this grind end? when will I own my won time and not accountable to someone else? but was glad that don’t have to go in. The Sun is out, It’s chilly outside but mild around 11 degrees. I was feeling great in the morning, brother is going home today from Riyadh to Hyderabad. Parents must be happy, so happy for them that they are happy and looking forwards for 4:30 pm when the flight’s going to land. I looked the world clock several times today.ย 

Ate breakfast Tuna, chickpeas, , got ready wore blue tracksuit bottoms and blue jersey jumper mothers gift and went to the gym, Pure gym lambeth, got there around 8:15 did 5 x sets of 8 reps of Pulls up and 4 x sets of drop sets of Shoulder presses on the machine and then 4 x sets of Abs press on my way, I was out in 16 min.. was feeling great on my way home, din’t need to zip the jacket.ย 

Back to the desk, logged in and worked.. first did minutes, was chatting to a friend and she said, so glad it’s Friday too and I said I hope you get to rest and she gave me heart emoji and wishing you the same!ย 

Had been working on a deadline so could not move from the desk, had to skip the Jumma Namaz, I still need to catch up with it. got a txt from Deedi that Bhaia landed and on his way home. 16:50 logged of work, booked swim slot at Vauxhall leisure centre for 19:20 and now all I want to do is to take a nap so slept and turned off alarm many time and woke up exactly at 20:20 missed the swim slot, felt a bit grouchy… Asked myself, what is the one thing that I can do now, that nothing else will matter? I felt like getting ready wore the running shoes and left home at 21:10, ran from Wandsworth road, Nine Elms, Vauxhall bridge, past the Corniche, Lambeth bridge, took the turn around the Westminster bridge via Covid memorial wall and Albert Embankment and got home around 22:18.. felt so great on my way and just got home, ate dinner, Daal Chawal Ande aur Macchi, had the tv on started browsing the Oscar winning moves on Netflix and chose to watch the Lawrence.ย 

Around the world today, Russia still invading Ukraine. The FTSE 100 hasย broken its all-time high as a slump in the pound gave a boost to the internationally-focused indexย and British Airwaysย andย Virgin Atlanticย will restart flights toย Chinaย for the first time since the pandemic,ย but with two hours added to the journey timeย as the airlines avoidย Russianย airspace.

3 things I felt grateful for todayย 

– So grateful brother and bhabijaan is is at home with parents.ย 

– so grateful wonder how but managed 2 workouts in the day.ย 

– So grateful I have no plans over the weekend and could I just rest and do nothing..ย 

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, stronger, more active, grateful, happy and richer and have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet a productive day Saturday tomorrow and then the rest of the week.. all negative patterns, please get deleted! Goodnight, good luck. Ash