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grind now, shine later.

, gSona nai dil bolra, aise he baitke rehna dil bolra.. 

🌈 877 – Tue 31 Jan 23:12 2023


Today UK the day the stood still! 

As one of the biggest strikes in a generation ground the country to a halt today.

Schools closed across most of the country today, as teachers joined train drivers, civil servants, airport and university staff in taking industrial action. The National Education Union (NEU) estimated that 85 per cent of schools in England and Wales were affected by teacher walkouts. 

Those on strike today will shortly be joined by thousands of ambulance workers and nurses who are taking action on February 6. 

Woke up early, light and bright outside. ate breakfast, Tuna, chickpeas, sat meditated full 15 min, left home went to the gym, did 6 x sets of 8 reps of pull ups,  4 sets of drop sets Shoulder press and 4 sets 8 reps of Bicep curls and 4 sets of Ab crunches. Was feeling good and energetic on my way out. home it was 08:18 AM.. ate more food, had a shower, offered 2 x Rakaths of Fajr and 2 Rakaths of Salah to Hajath, wore White shirt, brown trousers, brown jumper, left home 08:40 past Nine elms station, past Vauxhall cross, Tate Braitain, Lambeth bridge, people were standing with banners and flags doing strike they are all govt workers, civil workers, what a shame! God please help them. Give them more money. past Westminster, more people there. got to wrk 08:55 was feeling good but sad for all the people on strike,. 4th floor I sat there were only 4 people on the whole floor made it to work who’s got the bikes. 

Sat at the desk, did the back up work first then sat at the desk until 13:30 went to get lunch wasn’t hungry but felt compelled to go out take a walk, get some air etc so left, wanted to checkup this Chabata place got a sandwich there, walked back, and then went back to buy a can of Coke for a friend, friend said no, messaged another friend who ate and drank and came to say thank you, worked on the desk till 4:40 then left, went to the Soutbank club to drop the flyer and walk around, the one on Wandsworth road, it is massive… got home 17:30 feeling good and energitic.. had a cuppa coffee and more Tuna,.. 

Got ready, changed clothes, put a shorts, towel, cap, googles, ear plugs, shampoo, flip flops, a pound coin and left home the swim at the Vauxhall leisure centre was booked for 18:50,. got there nice and decent time swam at least 40 front crawls and then 10 just legs on the pad,.. got home offered 4 x Rakaths of Ishan fajr, 2 x Rakaths of Salah tu Hajath and then 3 Rakaths of Wajil Witr.. was feeling great. ate dinner, Garam khana, Amabade ki chutney aur ubaala hua anda. 


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