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🌈 861 - Sat 14 Jan 23:39 2023LondonWoke up early, slept last night at 01:30 had been working on the minutes, but slept well.. deadline to submit was at 12:00.. Messaged boss at 11:49 I will be sending you an email at at 12:30.. he said ok thanks. 12:33 I messaged, 15 more min so sorry, 12:58 he messaged back, No problems take your time.. 13:22 I said, thank you email sent.. 13:23 he said Thanks. Phoned mother, spoke for a bit, speaking to Dad he asked what the time was, I said it's exactly 13:30 sitting at the desk still.. she said about brother visiting home in March and if I was going to make it too.. Around mid day mate Pxxx messaged, if I've received the calendar in mail since the Russian hack on Royal Mail, I said no.. 14:50 left home, rained earlier in the morning most of it, but the floor got dry, went for run, Union road, past all the Portuguese restaurants on the right on Wandsworth road, past Pure gym lambeth on the left.. straight.. past Nine Elms station and Sainsbury's and past Brunswick house on the left, Vauxhall Bridge, past Tate Britain on the left, went straight, over Lambeth Bridge towards Westminster bridge, it was crowded there.. turned around by the Parliament towards St Thomas's took the stairs downstairs Covid Memorial fading hearts wall on the left... it was crowded there.. past Arch Bishops castle, and Albert Embankment The Corniche, and then Vauxhall station towards, past Al Nagashi on the left back home 16:15.. Was feeling really really really really really really good after the long run.. Home Made dinner, Spaghetti and beef alu our tomato... ate eating Ru Paul season 13 the episode 12 where Utica got eliminated.. brother started texting around 22:30.. and we chatted for half hour maybe, Bhabijaan going in March to parents in Hyd, getting ready for the baby to come and he's asking me to join him in RYD for Ramadan but I'm asking him to come to LND then.. 3 things I felt grateful for today Felt so grateful on my way home from the run. Feeling grateful I can go to bed peacefully having known typing something on the page. Felt grateful catching up with mother this afternoon. What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, leaner, happier, richer, thicker, more active and have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet a productive day tomorrow and then the rest of the week and all negative patterns, please get deleted now.. Goodnight, good luck.. Ash