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🌈 843 – Sun 25 Dec 20:20 2022 


Woke up early, and was feeling good. Grey but mild outside with 11 degrees during the day. Ate breakfast, Laal bagara khana, texted Merry Xmas Ms. Sandra, chilled for a bit, opened the door, just standing outside, the lady by the recycling bin, throwing stuff, she put a big bag on the right, she’d pick up 1 small Christman wrapping, checking what it was, and putting the bin. I watched from the 2nd floor, went inside changed clothes to jogging clothes, and then looked for a red plastic bag and put a Christmas gift. Walked downstairs, and she’s was still there, I went closer and said, hello, Merry Xmas, she replied, Merry Xmas, I said, this is for you.. She jumped, saying For me?.. I said, yes… it’s for you.. Ta Ta.. it was in a box a set of 24 different earrings, and she was bewildered. I was a complete stranger to her.

I left and went for a run, I overestimated the weather, it was 11 degrees, and I wore deep blue tight tracksuits and the same colored upper hoodie fleece. I gained too many workouts and swim and it looked like an alien running on Christmas day. First, by the Nine Elms station, I saw my two-door neighbor whom I also see regularly at the gym, walking towards home. I wondered if he must be walking back after a pint at the pub with his mates on Christmas day. Then a Spanish couple taking a walk, I passed the guy on the right, they were walking and I’m running, he said to her in Spanish, look the guy looking funny running or something she laughed, I turned my head to the side, let them see I’m smiling also.. Past Vauxhall cross, Albert Embankment, lot of people walking down by the river, past Covid memorial wall by St Thomas’s, took the stairs Westminster bridge, just by the Parliament, a man pushing the kid’s trolly, another kid and a little girl running around, wife’s walking ahead, when he looked my passing by, he said BIG MAN .. loudly to himself, he’s probably an Eastern European speaker…

Got home, meal around 6 pm Beef.. opened a couple of presents, one was a dairy planner and other one was the Molton browns goodies in a bag with a note, thank you Ash for everything I wish you have a wonderful year love Axx xx

3 things I felt grateful for today.

  • Grateful for parents
  • Grateful for the greatest jogs I had through the entire year.
  • So grateful the sleep took over last night and I finished completing this evening, will go swimming now shortly