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Coffee House

🌈 839 - Tue 20 Dec 23:53 2022LondonWoke up early, bright and mild outside, sat mediated about 6 min alarm, ate breakfast, Tuna chickpeas, wore blue trackies, a beige full jumper, went to the gym, did 6 x sets of 8 reps of pull-ups, 5 sets of drop sets of Shoulder press, 4 sets of drop sets of Abs press, left in less than 15 min.. home it was 08:15.. ate more food, Tuna, Wheat Kabab.. left for work 08:40 .. wore a white shirt, blue pressed trousers, black jumper, Black formal shoes.. Bike out, seat full of water to wipe, no more snow on the streets.. and not many bikes holiday season Nine elms, Vauxhall bridge, Lambeth bridge, Westminster, St James park, got to work 09:12.. was feeling good, energetic.. first did reports, then minutes, then some research, then bookings, more reports.. 01:30 went up to towards, MoJ and the Bakery bought 2 Pistactiou brownies one for a friend, afternoon updating and peer reviewing docs... left 17:12 was feeling good..Biked back.. still a bit bright outside, sudden change in the climate of 14 degrees.. home.. had a cuppa, ate chickpeas, booked swim at Vauxhall leisure center at 18:40 got there at 19:00 had a really really really really really really great swim session.. probably did 50 rows of the front, just legs a few backs.. left 19;45 showers.. home, made beef, chawal.. ate eating Harry&Megan episode 3 to 6,. almost around midnight finally sat down and did onset extras application now radio on chilling... 3 things I felt grateful for today... was so bright this morning, did not need to attach the bike lights when starting for work grateful for the yummy brownie around lunchtime. grateful for the day going smoothly. What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, stronger, leaner, activer happier, richer and have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet another productive day and then the rest of the week and everything to go well tomorrow and negative patterns please get removed.. and goodnight sleep please now come to me.. I love you.. Goodnight, Good luck.. Today's news was all NHS nurses were on strike. It is heartbreaking they are having to ask for a pay rise when they work so hard. Have you forgotten Covid? it wasn't long ago who was there to help you? bank city worker wanking at home all day during the lockdown wfh and even now when the nurses and doc worked their asses off! give them the raise they want, give civil services raise they want, give public sector raise they want, give rail staff they raise they want, give post office workers the raise they want, give council workers the raise they want.. take the bank bosses' bonuses away, move all bank workers to the councils and all council workers to the banks.. make all finance, public, and private sector workers pay equal.