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And, never give up.

🌈 796 – Fri 21 Oct 25:59 2022


Woke up 7:30, grey and wet but mild outside, still setting the new flat.

Sun was coming inside the window a bit, 8:20 had breakfast of Tuna, and soaked Chickpeas stood outside for a few min under the Sun then sat down mediated for 15 min on Joe Dispenza’s changing beliefs.

on big dreams..

Then googled, Mosque at Wandsworth road and checked the Jumma Friday prayer said 13:30 so I have a few hours to sort the bedroom, the last box was emptied and thrown outside, still seems a bit cluttered. “What would it take for mine and your’s all clutter, furniture, belongings, mental, emotional unwanted, unleft accumulated clutter all to be deleted from the patterns of mind and become plain, simple, and easy transparence in all part from immediately now? 

As long as you are alive, 

13:10 jumped in Shower to do Jumma Gusl, Friday shower with prayer, “Allaha, meri naapaki door kar ke, saaf list me shamil karle.” Allaha, remove any tintedness from my body and add me into the chaste list” 3 times water up in the Nose, 3 times the water in mouth and gargle and head to toe make the body wet with water.. and stepping out of the shower, raise the index finger to heaven with another prayer, “Ashwadu Allaha Illahi Illallaha hu Wa Ashwadu Anna Mohammed Rasoolullaha”.. Praise be the Mohammed, you’re the witness.

you have it in you to go after your dreams.

Then left home around 13:40 and went to Mosque Wandsworth road, offered 2 Rakaths of Farz Jumma with Jamath and then 4 Rakaths of Sunnah.. and took 3 dates on my way out by the door and ate them on my way home on the bike.

Stay on it.

14:30 home, ate Lunch, Daal, Chawal and Tala hua gosh. I texted mother at 15:20 he is she feeling now? Dad is better after a long journey, and mother getting better, needs more rest we spoke for the next 40 min and bid farewell. She mostly asked about how the new place was..

PM Truss’s resigned yesterday and Sunak and Boris are trying to succeed, they need 100 votes from MPs by Monday..

And, never give up. So write! 

Ate again, brother phoned at 21:50 and we spoke for 3 hours after a long time a long conversation.. Spoke about Neph, Adil, then Parents, then Sister, then his work, then my work then my previous work then our home back at home, and then the home we grew up and then a bit of neighbor, and friends.. some deep conversations.

3 things I felt grateful for.

* for having 2 greatest and sweetest siblings on the planet.

* Feeling grateful there are all amenities closer to the new place.

* Feeling good, and relaxed sitting comfortably and typing right now.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, bigger, stronger, leaner, richer, and happier, and have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet productive Saturday and then the rest of the weekend, and all negative patterns, please get deleted now.. Sleep is coming. Goodnight, good luck.. Ash