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Choose to look on the bright side

🌈 791 – Mon 10 Oct 23:56 2022


Din acha gaya hai mera Alhamdulillaha.. (Day went great today by the grace of Almighty)

Woke up early, many times last night.. and off the bed, at 6:50 .. dark, and grey outside, opened the window and it was pouring down outside rain.. I would have gone to the gym if it was not, wonder where I still last the time.

Ate breakfast, Tuna, chickpeas, and wheat sat down meditated 5 min.. shaved beard and asked, Siri what time is it? It’s 08:14 it said.. next door the Oval Theatre demolished building hotel construction guys are already on site, I see them from the 3rd floor above and started making noise, the rain subsided a bit.

Got a message on Teams from a manager, a colleague’s got Covid and called in sick If I was in today, I said, yes, I’m coming in, just heading over.. jumped in the shower, bud bud bud.. then offered 2 Rakaths of Jumma Khaza Salah overdue, no time to offer Farj. Wore, a white shirt with stripe blue lines and Rin soap blue colour trousers, a green fluffy jacket and asked Siri again what time is it and it said, 08: 37., glad to see the rain stopped, put the helmet on and left home..

Got notification on the email outlook meeting at 9 am with the heads.. now 5 heads waiting.. I realised I had 15 min to get there.. Oval, to Vauxhall bridge, by Tate past Lambeth bridge to Westminster towards St James square.. Locking the bike and the time hourly notification reminder on the iPhone said, “Come on Ash”.. and a tick to remind me the hour passed. Ran from the bike to the door, took the lift and went up, left the helmet and backpack on by the desk took the laptop out and ran to the meeting room.. They were nice, already sitting in there seriously discussing and I went it and said, sorry I got late, I heard many voices It’s okay.. Sat down next 30 min taking notes and trying to understand what is going on..

Went back to the desk and sat and worked until 3 pm, got permission to leave early and left got home rode back, ate lunch and left for Battersea, the guardian room available in a flat, went to see, I had already found a place, but still wanted to go and see.. So went up to Battersea, came back to Oval, then gave the bike to repair for the breaks and got home mother texted, home yet, how did the viewing go? I said, it’s far inside.. rested for a bit and left home again at 18:30 and walked up to the bike shop to pick it up he didn’t repair yet and asked me to wait while he fixed it, then I went to the gym did pull-ups, 5 x 8 reps and then 5 sets of drop sets of Shoulders, and dips on the machine and got home and made pasta and prawns for dinner and ate watching Netflix.. then sat down at 20:30 byhearting the stuff for tomorrow training and got off at 23:30 and ironed white shirt for tomorrow and sat down before midnight to write.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • for the rain stopping just when I left home this morning.
  • Felt grateful on my way that I had found a new place to move in next week.
  • Felt grateful after the bike was completely repaired
  • What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, bigger, happier, richer and wake up early and go to the gym and have a good work out and then get to work on time and the meeting to go well and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns please get deleted now! Goodnight gooluck, Ash

In the news, Kyiv is rocked by blasts, Russia’s fresh invasion, on a day when Ukraine has been the scene of horrifying Russian missile strikes. Belarusian president making agreements with Russia agreed to form a joint group of troops on the Ukrainian border. What a shame on humanity you guys are!