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A Look Inside


🌈 781 – Sun 25 Sep 22:43 2022 


Dreading a meeting and the presentation tomorrow. Just spoke to brother feeling a bit at ease.

God will you please help me? What would it take for tomorrow’s meeting to go smooth and my speech and presentation to be naturally smooth and as polished as it could ever be I should not even feel like I’m delivering and every word I speak to be clear, concise, accurate, related, and effectively come across as open, honest and humble and be happy, confident and connecting with people and all other negative patterns please leave now and what would it take tomorrow to go as smooth and natural as possible.. Wishing good lucks to Ash.. Allah please give me strength and courage. All confident souls that ever existed on the planet please send light towards me.. and be with me tomorrow.. All huge voice souls that ever came and left the planet please send light to me and be with me tomorrow and be effectively audible from now on! Testosterone multiply in the body.. Confidence trimultiply in my system NOW NOW!! immediately..