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Smile at people who hxxx you



🌈 780 – Sat 24 Sep 22:12 2022  


Woke up early, grey and cloudy outside. It’s getting cold. I got ready and went for a workout.

If you see any people at the door, please check and see if there are anyone behind you that you need to hold the door too and if the person, ahead of you okay to hold the door for themselves, generally be visible and be there help not to hide and hold back and let someone get the door, make an effort.. don’t just stand there..

you fuckin lazy puta mariconaso.. that’s what I felt like saying to all humans at that time, at the door.

“What would it take for all the anger that came out at that time to be released from my system, all hidden emotions, frustration on things not happening, all negative patterns and energies relating to this emotion called as Anger to be removed across all my brain neurones, memories, past future across all time dimensions to be released now! immediately.. and peaceful dealing energy come on down! bright white light directly from heaven to straight to my head and then every head reads this and then on the rest of the living things and non-living things.

I was parking the bike and this girl came and stood next to me picking something from her bag, I need to pick at that time in my bag exactly bkz, I need to get the keys out to lock the bike.. I was like why she has to stand next to me? lol

At the gym 8:20 did 5 x 8 reps of pull-ups, Health, Beauty, Wealth, Success, Confidence, Testosterone, Growth Hormone, Symmetry.. and 5 x set of Military shoulder Barbell presses, 5 x sets of Dips on the bar, 5 x sets of drops sets Shoulder press on the machine, 4 x sets of drop sets Abs on the Machine.. It was a really really really really really really really good workout.. 9:30 I’m home , feeling good..

Sxxxxxx from college started ringing earlier while I was out and I said, I will ring her back in 40 min and I got home and I rang her, I was hungry after the gym and she started talking.. She’s getting a divorce. It’s all bottled up in her and she wanted to share with someone and needed a friend to talk. We spoke for a few min. Speaking to her made me realise to be grateful for my parents. I felt to speak to mother straight away and I rang her, it was 3:30 pm for them and they just came back home from outside and eating late lunch.. they don’t usually expect my phone call on Saturday afternoon.

“What would it take for me and for you to think first before acting and have the ability to stick to the plan..

Make a plan and stick to it., think and thin.

10:50.. getting ready but remembered I have to send an email for work. Sat at my desk and sent the email re Operation Marquee thank you note that I had been working. 11:35 left home to Edgware road, surprisingly pleasant day there, seen some friends.. Ate Chicken Tikaa wrap, Chips and mixed fruit juice for lunch, got back home at around 8:30 pm.. still feeling great.. chilled for a bit made Spaghetti and Jerk beef for dinner.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • For time it stood still at one point in the morning, I was getting ready 07:52 I looked at the time, did a few things with Surah Kalima on the tongue so much time later it was 07:54 still.
  • Grateful for the bike and it’s reliability.. touch wood not jinxing tomorrow.
  • Grateful for fresh water.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, stronger, leaner, richer and happier tomorrow and be abundant with time and be a really, really, really productive day and finish all the works and then still have time to relax Sunday tomorrow and all negative patterns blocking the effective transition, please get deleted now.. 

Nothing major to report from the country but the taxes are going down, hopefully there will be more money in everyone’s account at the end of the month this time. Goodnight, good luck.. Ash