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dWe live by choice, not chance.

🌈 767 – Fri 09 Sep 23:52 2022


Woke up, did 4 x 7 reps of Pushups legs on the bed, had a shower, offerd 2 Rakaths of Fajr Salah and then 2 x Rakaths of Salah tu Hajath, wore blue suit, white shirt and blue tie and left home, went to Oval Tube Northern line to Kennington, interchange train to Waterloo from there Jubliee line to St John’s wood station, just other side of the road the budiling. I was asked to get ready change my trainers to shoes and then go patrol the whole building, I went in, there saw huge mirror and I got a lot selfies when back down I got a call from work, asking me if I can come in for work if I’m available, I said, yes and I got a call and booked ot go in for mid day.

I left St John’s wood station, got took the Jubliee line on I had asking me to come on a call to in 5 min, Bond street came and I quickly ran outside to get the signal, the exit too was JD sports, I asked this women and little kid checking out sweets where is the way out? she directed me and I went out drop the suit, the shirt answered the call on the tshirt and that lady and kid passed by and turned at me and she was putting the lips stick on walking by.

I took the call, took the train back.. got home, changed clothes, txted for xxxx checked clothes for 1 pm start, then left home took the bike out, when to Argos Sainbsuys Wandsworth road and bought Apple headphones got home, got ready and left home went to the Xxxxxxxxxx met Phebe looking lady and stayed there rest of the day, walked across the estate many times, first had a guided tour, met a lot of people, seen the red carpet and then sat down, met my friend at the Terrace for 20 min left for home, picked up my laptop and went back to the estate sat until 18:30, met my friend again and ate the supper talking to him we saw a little mouse there and I was gonna feed but I was stopped and thought of that mouse all night, I should have still dropped a chip secretly.. rode back home 20:15.. rest and woke up early again.

I made a choice of leaving the first place and the guy was showing the simialr things. Logging the keys and filling the form, I thought I did make a choice a few min later the lady was showing the similar thing but with food vouchers and tbh glad I did it, rather stand for something which is working for the higher purpose.

3 thing I felt grateful for today

  • Not even one time I felt stressful no matter how the day was.
  • Grateful for London tranport and it’s efficiency
  • Grateful for things turned out and still living in London.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer and have a relaxing yet productive day and all negative patterns please get deleted now.. Goodnight, goodluck.