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Some talk to you in their free time, And some free their time to talk to you

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Be grateful for what you have. Big time!

🌈 746 – Tue 09 Aug 23:59 2022


Cycle leeke jaako aaye takich bus hoojara rooz.. Woke up early at 6:30, and slept well last night. Ate breakfast can of Tuna, meditated for 10 min got ready and went to the gym around 7 to 7:33.. Had a quick but decent workout. 4 x sets of pull-ups on the machine and then 4 x sets of Shoulders on the machine, 4 sets of dips on the bar and 4 sets of drop set Abs on the machine on my way out.. Got home had a shower offered 2 x Rakaths of Fajr Salah and then 2 Rakaths of Salah tu Hajath and wore a bright white shirt and grey trousers and red trainers and took the bike and left home.. Oval via Vauxhall bridge, Embankment pier, cross Lambeth bridge another side of the river to Westminster.

Got to work around 8:40.. some work was already waiting, went well. did reports in the morning and then attended a meeting.. Had an appointment booked around lunchtime at the Mortimer centre Tottenham court road for Monkey Pox vaccine so left work around 13:00 and biked towards Goodge street. Got there and 2 were in the reception a boy and a girl with their wide big eyes said it’s first-floor pink zone, I got there and there were 4 sitting in the reception and one nice one said hello to me and gave me 2 forms to fill and then sit on the other side to be called in and I was cald’ in less than 5 min to sit somewhere else and then less than 3 min into the room and this guy was there fully packed himself mask apron gloves.. he was very pleasant, explained a few things and then injected on the left arm and said good to go. I thanked and left. On my way back, the reception was far but I stood there and did TATA to the girl at the reception who signed me in and she recognised and waved back..

Biked back all the way back home from Goodge street to Oval. The Sun was really hot.. Came home put some rice on logged in back at work and did some work and got ready for another meeting around 3:30 went well.. and then ate lunch after that and logged off around 17:15.

17:38 txt from Mother.. How was your day, what are you up to? I said, I just came from work and I was hungry and I just ate and sat. What are you doing? she said, I offered all Salah, it’s 11:30 pm here, Dad went to bed around 10 pm and I will go now too after talking to you and they were fasting today for Mohorram.. and brother was also fasting in KSA. I was a bit mad not reminding me.

After mother’s call. I took a nap at 18:30, set the alarm for 30 min and slept and never work up until 20:30 pm and I had to drag myself to get out of bed and wonder why I felt like sleeping at a random time today. A few min in I was back at the planet and then got ready and looked at the time and it was 21:45.. 15 min to 10 pm alarm on, instead sat mediated 15 min until 10 and left home at 10:13 pm to gym did the 2nd workout.. 4 x sets of Pullups on the machine and then 4 x sets of Bent over Barbell Rows, 4 x sets of Flys, and 4 x drop sets of Shoulder on the machine and the 4 sets of Abs on the machine on my way out again..

Made pasta for dinner and tomato sauce and kabab.. was yum ate watching Netflix Narcos.. then realised it was 23:53 and it’s time to click on publish otherwise the date will be sent to tomorrow after 12:00..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • So grateful I didn’t have to wait in that clinic.
  • Grateful for the bike is reliable and smooth.
  • Grateful for sleep which is coming now.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times active, energetic, happier richer and fuller and have another relaxing relaxing relaxing yet productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns please get deleted now.. Goodnight, good luck… AshΒ