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🌈 745 – Mon 08 Aug 23:24 2022


Sitting at my desk. This huge moon is in my window slowly slowly going down. I will do any thing for that moon to just stay there until I go to bed.

But there are trees, it usually appears at this time some day and then it goes under the tress and if it goes it’s gone I won’t see it again.

Woke up early 6:30 am. slept decent time but woke up a few times last night, 4:30 AM I was wide up and hungry so I had a wheat shake went back to bed put off the 5 am alarm and left the 6:30 one on. Glad I checked the shirt for today last night.

Ate 2 x cans of Tuna breakfast and 2 bottles of wheat shake and had a shower offered 2 Rakaths Fajr Namaz and 2 Rakaths of Salah tu Hajatha and left home at 08:14 biked to work Westminster. The weather was great, Sun was out most day, and it was bright and warm abit cloudy around 3 pm but as I got out of work, there was a warm loo air blew, warm day outside. I was in doors for about 9 ours under the ACs. Work went well. Did some reports in the morning and worked on charts afternoon hours left around 5:30.. so beautiful outside.

Biked back, via Embakment pier, Vauxhall bridge, The bike last is great but the bikes are fast. Why people are in a rush. Why don’t you guys slow down and enjoy the right. They are all wearing tights clothes and rushing as if it’ the end of the world.

Annoying people on the bikes of London, Slow Down! relax and enjoy the view around you. There is nowhere better you need to get to than how beautiful around is outside, and each one of you, I’m sure you can take a bit more time to get out a bit early instead of rushing on the blue road as if like anything. Tomorrow I want to enjoy my bike ride going from home to work. Do not try to overtake me and go your own way!

The moon is gone. Under the trees I see a small spot looking like a star behind the trees but for me todays moon is gone no power on earth can make it go back up again for me to see.. and is there a power outside us that can make that happen?

I have to be up again tomorrow for work. 3 thing I felt grateful for today

  • the bike ride
  • grateful for the sleep which is coming now
  • For the peace of my that I wrote something before bed.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer and energetic tomorrow and have a realaxing yet productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns get deleted? Night goodluck. Ash

No major news, 4 more weeks for PM’s successor to be choosen.. Night.