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All big things start small.

We rise by lifting others  

Well then please lift me, I need $50 000 U.S. TIA

🌈 738 – Sat 30 Jul 23:44 2022


Woke up early, ate can of Tuna, mediated 15 min and then got ready and went to gym. Had a really really really good workout, did upper body, Back.

First did 4 x 8 reps pullups on the bar, and straight on to 4 x sets 8 reps Lat pulldowns, and 4 x Bent over Barbell Rows, 4 x V-grip Lat pulldowns, 4 x sets Straight Arm pulldowns ropes and then 4 x sets of all 8 reps Wide neutral grip Cable rows, then 4 x sets of Shoulders on the mahine to cool down and finally 4 x sets of dropsets of Abs on the machine on my way out. I was feeling very good.

Walked back home.. 9:15 sitting, text on Whatsapp group Deedi sending the pix of Neph Dan’s Metric graduation 10/10 Gpa gold medal. Replied congratulation and there were a video clips to watch.

9:20 Pxxxx from Birmingham had messaaged, sending pix of Marathon Elite outside Regents close 


09:50 had breakfast, ate Pan cakes dosa, and then went to the post office, yesterday I had been packing, dropped the application for decree nisi Kennington post office, 11:15 left home for Marble Arch, until 5 pm and then went to Tesco at the Marble Arch and took the central line back to Tottenham court road then the Northern line.. Got home around 18:30 pm.. Took a 15 min nap.

Woke up ate dinner and then sat in front of the Tv. finished at 12:03 felt so guilty for spending many hours and tried to sleep, but couldn’t get to sleep. ate a banana and had a Wxxx and put the headphones on and feel a sleep.