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Always have an open mind


🌈 731 – Sat 16 Jul 23:32 2022


Woke up early, when to attend a class at the gym but it was so busy so I instead did 4 x 8 reps sets of pulls up on the bar, and then 4 x sets of dips on the machine and the rest of the floor seemed occupied so I walked out in about 15 min.

11:30 left home to go to Marble Arch. So sunny and bright day today that it was really hot. Central London was packed, Tube was packed, I took the train from Oval to Tottenham court road Northern line and then from there, Central line to Marble Arch.

Walking by the Edgware road, I bought some meat from the butchers. Got home around 18:30 and a mate from around Gxxxx came around to chill, I watched a bit of a Munich movie on Netflix with subtitles on. My friend cannot hear so we usually type talk.

Around 11:32, I turned the laptop on to quickly type a few words before I fall asleep. and my mates who crashed slipped out sometime at night.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for the ability to hear, talk, walk and do everything normally.
  • Grateful for the weather being so great this.
  • Grateful so glad tomorrow is also off.

What would it take tomorrow to be another Sunny day filled with good things, positive energy and I and you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier and richer and finish all tasks that I’m getting to finish and still have time to relax and all negative patterns, please get removed now!  

Nothing special in the news to report from UK today tbh!  

Goodnight, good luck. Ash