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If you get tired, learn to rest. Not to quit.

🌈 722 – Thu 7 Jul 23:43 2022


Thursday is the day I look forward to because next day is the Friday. Last Thursday I wrote a poem and It feels like that Thursday was yesterday yet 24 hour cycle was too far away.

24 x 24 x 24 x 24 the next Thrusday will be here in no time.. I wonder why there was no poop day after Sunday why the next 24 hours after It called Monday and a few 24 hours after comes already Thursday.

This Thursday’s worth a bit more.. As this Thursday is a specail Thursday.

Happy Birthday To You.. Happy Birthday To You Dear Mamma.. Happy Birthday to you..

Woke up early, before 7 AM. 7:15 I had class booked at the Pure gym Oval.. 7:15 to 8:00 AM. Went there jogging, had a good workout and jogged back home. Sun was already out. It’s a bright and beautiful day upto about 22 degrees.

Got home, logged in Work, 8:07 AM, had a shower and offered 2 Rakaths of Fajr Salah. I was feeling good. Today the fifth day of the Fast before Eid.. last night ate around 01:30 am.

Thursday work went well. Just a few actions, and then mostly redactions. Went smooth.

Broke for lunch 13:00 sharp, phoned mother but no answer.. Mostly stayed around desk lunch time. 13:30 offered Zohr Salah. 14:00 logged back work afternoon session, finished all actions leaving redactions for tomorrow. 14:47, I had messaged bro asking, I didn’t get to speak to mother wish her birthday could ask her to call me when you get home, he said, Aw.. yes the Internet is down at home must be that’s why, yes, I will ring you when I get home.

I got the phone back in half hour time, spoke to her, wisher her. Asked what she ate today, she said, Baagara Khana, Dalcha, gosh. I asked if she wore something new, she said, no I’m not a kid. I ate.

Around 16:28 logged off work and took a 25 min nap. I was out yesterday and some parcel had missed and it was sent to local post collection office at the Kennington.

I needed to walk past gym to go there so I checeked if there are any classes going on this eve so I could attend and then get over to collect the post and I found there was a Body Tone class at 17:30 to 18:00 It was so ideal. I got ready and had another good workout. Mostly with bodyweights but a good one and finished on time.

18:00 left the gym by the Oval church and started walking towards Walworth Road, walked via Kennington Park, then past Station, by Paisely park, went to Crampton St to Royal Mail Kennington & Walworth Delivery Office.

I find these things very fascinating in Englad, you walk around very residential looking neighourhood, you walk around the streets and alleys and you come around a normal looking house which turns to an important business providing some type of service.

You walk and walk and walk inside and inside the streets, and you wonder how did this come here when you a huge church.

You walk and walk and walk out of no where and there you’ll see a beautiful pub. You wonder who goes to even here? and I saw one wad dated back to 1600’s and it was operating. Englands beautiful!

There was a nice man in there, he helped me quickly collected the post and walked back via Kennington park pizza house. Got back home and I still had an hour more left to break the fast.

Offered Asar Salah and rested for a bit and broke the fast at 21:25. Was still feeling great.

3 things so grateful for today

  • Things around are so accessible.
  • Grateful for this day, my dear mother was bought to the planet.
  • So grateful tomorrow’s Friday looking forwards


What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer and relaxier tomorrow and have a productive, productive productive yet relaxing Friday tomorrow filled with no stress and negative patterns please get removed immediately. Sleep is coming. Goodnight, goodluck Ash.