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🌈 721 – Wed 6 Jul 23:43 2022


Woke up early, a bright and beautiful day. A bit cloudy in the late afternoon but mostly the day remained mild.

Our Prime Minster’s premiership is in question, news, media papers everything filled with it, trying to keep away but it’s everywhere. I had already answered a few surveys on the Yougov Survey app a few times this week.

Responsible citizens if you want to take part in government decisions and you want your voice to be heard, download YouGov App and answer the daily questions asked in return also make money for giving your time. I think I gathered 1700 points so far, 5000 points will give you a £50 cash deposit.

Logged in work shart at 8 AM. Wednesday middle of the week. Glad to be working from home and not having to commute. The first 3 hours were very productive, might have finished all that’s required for today. Had a few bundle distributions actions and the rest of the day working on the redactions.

12:30 broke for lunch, had a call booked at the Pure gym Oval, Bodypump, 45 min class. Got here nice and easy at 12:45 sharp, did not take a lot of weights but mostly focused on the body weights. Today was probably the 4th continuous day of the fast running for the Bakrid coming Eid-ul-Zuha. I send my blessing to all the goats, sheep, cows and animals that will depart the planet on the day of Eid.

The story of Eid-ul- Zuha also called as Eid-ul-Adha, or Bakrid goes way long back, to acknowledge and celebrate Prophet Ibrahim’s and son Ismail and their loyalty and devotion to Allaha and showing gratitude to Allaha.

It seems Allaha ordered Ibrahim to donate his son to God, so Ibrahim took Ismail his son to a mountain with the intention to slaughter him, the Son Ismail said, Dad Ibrahim please tie the ropes tight on me so I won’t escape and we’re to obey the command of Almighty. So the father ties the son tight and tries to cut his throat with a knife but the knife doesn’t cut no matter how much he tries. Then it was told, that Allaha commanded Ibrahim to perform the task but have not permitted yet the knife to do the work. So the knife doesn’t work.

A few min in.. The knife was ordered by Allaha to perform, but God magically moved Ismail from the place and replaced it with a goat, and the Goat was cut. It was ordered to keep a part for your, family, and neighbours and then distribute the meat among the poor. Since then as a command and to show gratitude and loyalty people still perform this task to date. Apparently, the animal the horns of the animal which was replaced are still passed on generation after generation and exist somewhere in the middle east.

14:00 logged back at work after the lunch break, rest of the afternoon when smooth, late afternoon it was announced my transition to the new work soon to my team and there was an awwwww in the team until the work day. Logged off nice and easy around 16:55 and then took a nap for 45 min. I felt so peaceful.

Woke up, still feeling good. The match was on at the Oval Cricket ground downstairs, lot of commotion in the window and in the streets, and my block sits right opposite the ground so the LSE London surveillance camera put a stall in our building to record and make sure the security is maintained for commuters to the ground and around the Oval area. The CCTV monitoring van remained on our ground the whole day.

21:20 broke the fast and offered Magrib Salah, offered 3 Rakahts Farz and 4 Rakaths of Asar namaz which was missed earlier. Then had my supper watching tv.. and around 22:15 I went for walk around Clapham road, the roads were still busy with a lot of people standing around the bars and clubs, I live here so I don’t need to go inside these places and sat around the Hanover Arms pub at the Oval, it was packed!

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for a warm and pleasant day.
  • Grateful for not going to the pubs but stayed outside.
  • So grateful for the sleep which is coming now.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, and richer tomorrow and have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet productive Thursday to look forward to tomorrow and then the rest of the week to come.. and all negative patterns please get deleted now!!!! Goodnight, Goodluck, Ash



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