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 700 – Fri 10 Jun 23:42 2022


what can I do to help? Friday woke up around 6:30 went to run before starting work. Ran from Oval tube to Vauxhall bridge then over Lambeth bridge and then via Albert embankment by Vauxhall above the stag, just in front of the sauna this guy was lying on the floor and taking a oath and his friends were sitting on him, they looked like they all had bagpacks, they must have gone out and the night’s still on for them.

Had a shower and then offered 2 Rakaths Farz Namaz and then 3 Rakaths, yesterday Margrib then 4 Rakath Ishan’s and then 3 Rakaths Wajil Witar.

Work went cool. Broke for lunch at 13:00, I had messaged brother what are they upto and he phoned back said, they are about to go out to go look for the new beds for his new place, and they asked, what was I upto, I said, I’m working and on Monday awaiting call for document varification process. and they gave blessings and prayers.

13:40 I offered Friday Namaz, 4 Rakaths of Farz. and late lunch rice and meet and tomatos.

Logged off work at 4:30 pm.. Friday was great. A mate came at 5:10 pm who also logged off work shortly and he said he got a new job and I asked it different office and he said no, same place but different department and I said, you’ve got a smile on your face and he said, yes I like it.. I’m rather looking forward.. Everybody who’s looking for work, I send my regrads and I wish you all the best! Quick way is to find the agencies and send your cv to them as many as you can.

Fuel prices in London is going high and high the Diesel went up to to £250 a litre, that reminded me of going drive with a mate Nxxxx next week, I checked the calender and dates and it’s on:

Monday 13 June 2022 at 5pm, and then

Thursday 16 June 2022 around lunch time I have to be in the office for Office pride.

Thursday 16 June 2022 again in the evening at 5:30 pm I have to be outside Door 10 outside Royal Albert Hall first to Verdi restaurant for pre-show supper then seeing the Car Man show.

All next week is packed.

8:20 PM made dinner, meat, rice, potatos and lentils.. ate watching the Roman empire documentary on Netflix and now sitting.

In love and dignity speak to truth, as we think feel and know it, and it shall set us free.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • So grateful after speaking to family I felt so better .
  • So grateful sitting at my desk comfortaly
  • So grateful looking forward tomorrow but wondering what it would be like.

What would it take for me and for you to experience something really cool this weekend?