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Wednesday 16 January 2019 


Wokeup 4:40 Am (Success)  pulled my laptop from under the sofa.. Watched Dan’s training from Marketing mastery training archives. It was for 2 hours.. while watching I created Adwords new CPA campaign targeting Law of Attraction, Keyword … I decided to take a nap at 6:30 so that I can listen to Michael Sealey’s Hypnotise videos.. I listened to Law of Attraction this morning.. Set the alarm for 40 minutes. Slept peacefully (Success). Missed my alarm and instead of 7:15, I wokeup 7:41…. shower, luckly I made my breakfast in a box last night, so was able to get to work by 8:15  (Failure –  I acknowledge my failure of being late to work twice this week. I am grateful for my work and I want to give them my best.. from now on, I would like to get on time or early to work, thank you in advance) 

Last night for some reason, this girl at work, she got into my mind many times.. I felt like I should take more effort to talk go her.. etc and I was gonna bring some treats to work today anyway, so on my way to work, I bought so much of treats.. I don’t any of it.. I got 2 cans of Sardines in Tomato sauce for myself and bananas.. rest I think about 6 or 7 packs of different stuff of just sweets and I got them and I kinda left them on around her desk and it happened to be it’s her birthday..  My God! She was so happy!!  She must have wondered How sweet Ash is..   I acted on my impulse to buy those many treats at once in years!!!  

I am happy, I was at the right time and right moment doing the right thing to cheer someone up.. 😉 I am grateful for this opportunity. (Success) 

I wanted to offer a croissant to the girl on my right, I was thinking, maybe I should speak to her a  bit more but for some reason, she makes me nervous ( I acknowledge my feeling at this situation, In future I would like it to be confident, happy and grateful.. Thank you in advance. ) – so I went into the bathroom, looked into my eyes and said my speaking affirmation. “ I am a  dignified speaker, I speak confidently and authoritatively.. I communicate loudly, clearly, effectively and efficiently.”

Went back to my desk and asked her if she wanted the croissant, she said, no.. and asked if someone gave it to me and I didn’t wanted it.. I smiled..

Rest of the work was great.. Happy and grateful. 

Got home about 04:30, I have picked up the grocery so I put them in the fridge and I turned my laptop on, I had to make a call or something and so how my fingers went to grindr. I worked 2 hours on my laptop from 04:45 to 7:30 and simultaneously grinding..  spoke to many people but I don’t to go anywhere.. I don’t want waste time.. ( Failure) I acknowledge my feeling, emotions and mindset here.. I am working toward achieving my goal so I do not need distractions at this time, I do love and enjoyed the experience so I will come back when I choose to come back, until then I wish you good luck.  Thank you in advance.) 

I got invited somewhere for a 3, I didn’t wanted to go, I went to loo….  Then knocked on Miz’s door and told her how my evening was going. She whacked me and said go to swim, you should get out for few minutes.. we got into conversation about so many different things.. we usually laugh.. I then went to swim at 8:30..  I had a great swim.. My mind and I was with myself. I wasn’t thinking much. I was just in the present moment.. I am in lessons every friday, I am learning. Today it was different, I felt as smooth as a fish and swam so comfortably including while thinking my affirmations.. (Success – Congratulations Ash ;-)) 

Got home around 09:50, asked my brother to ring if he is free, I spoke to him whilst cooking dinner, made some rice and mum given sun dried goat meat fried in Olive oil. Brother fighting a divorce, spoke to him and supported him as much as I can.. 

I have to work and build my business.. this is how I can support my family at the moment while they all fight a battle there.. bless them! 

Worked on my business another hour, email back from website compliance that it’s in the que.. Meditated for 20 minutes hour from 11 to 11:20 something and was gonna go to bed at 11:30 then my instinct said you have to write.. . 

3 x Things that I am grateful for today 

I am grateful for having wonderful family, my parents, brother sister, neice, nephew, brother in law.. They have true kind and gentle hard deep within.. May God bless them with every best thing life can offer. Thank you in Advance). 

I am grateful for having my gym, my swim, my work and my everything in walkable distance.. I am truly, truly grateful for for this.. I wish everybody gets to experience this.. Thank you in Advance. 

I am grateful for having so many clothes.. I enjoyed so much my new jumper today.. I loved the colours so much.. 

3 x happy moments of the day.

I felt so happy when my mate cancelled the lunch with me because he wasn’t feeling upto it.. I was secretly hoping he would because I got into a scenario and had to promise my flatmate to show things around in the house) came home for lunch and I was able to help him with a few things. 

I felt happy when I realised that I acted on my impulse and bought so many treats and it was my friends birthday. The universe wanted her to have all those and I was just a catalyst there. 

I felt so happy on my way home from the swim after that dramatic evening with gridr etc.. I felt reconnected to all my higher self and my goals.. Thank you

3 x things I need to do next that will take me closer to my goal.

-Watch next module of Marketing mastery training and implement that just like today (Success) 

-Write scrip and prepare to shoot a video this weekend. 

-start analytics training.. 

1 x act of kindness today 

– Bought loads of candy to the birthday girl.. 







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