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Surprise youself today

 🌈  699 – Thu 9 Jun 23:54 2022


Woke up early, and logged in sharp at work at 8 am. Work was a bit quiet, took a lunch break at 13:00.. Went to the gym, and did the upper body, should have been the Leg day but I felt like skipping the legs and focusing on the upper body. Had a really really good workout,

13:33 Did 4 x sets of pull-ups, and then 4 x sets of Incline Dumbell bench presses, then 4 x sets of Guillotine dumbell bench presses, then did standing dumbell lateral Raises, and then 4 x sets of Face pulls.. and finally 4 x sets of Abs on the machine on my way out.

2016, I went to Spain Malaga, Torremolinoes with 2 friends, summer nights and one night I happen to be out alone myself and I went out to this place and I was there all night and then from there a few of us took the cab and went to another place and in this cab some guy sat next to me, and we started talking and he said, he’s name Yasin and he’s from Morocco and I said, I’m Ash and I live in London, then he said he has a friend in London and I asked who and he said Ilyaz and I asked if he’s an Arab lives kingscross he said yes. and I knew this Ilyaz, we hung out, we said it’s a small world! I saw that guy coming outside the gym and he looked straight at and walk past.

Got back to the desk at 14:06 rest of the afternoon’s work went well.. Logged off at 4:30.. Took a nap, then booked a body pump class for 17:30 and made it 5 min late but still sharp, the trainer was good, she kinda picked up on me and asked me to take more weights and she went and got me some more weights for the bars but the music was loud and I couldn’t tell her it was my second workout of the day., The body pump class was great. Got homemade dinner of Beef, mango, and rice and ate while watching Julius Caesar’s history and am now in bed..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for a quiet day at work
  • Grateful for an excellent / intrinsic 2nd workout for the day.
  • So grateful I can go to bed now so peacefully

Would it take for me and for you to have a realxing yet productive day tomorrow friday and then the rest of the weekned and all negative patterns, please get deleted now!

  • Night, Ash

Keep your head up, Stay humble and Work harder 💪🏻