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Friday 29 March 2019

Woke up 5AM on the first alarm on, grateful for the day, went to the loo. . wanted to go back to bed, bkz that what I had planned last night to sleep until 7 am..  I have a group swim class on Friday evenings so I can sleep a little longer in the mornings.. 

but today when I woke up, I felt quite awake, active and energytic.. then I debated with myself if I should go to the gym or go back to bed.. I think I wasted 40 minutes at 5AM, wondering what should I do.. I thought I should meditate for a few minutes and figure out what feels right. 

I set the alarm on for 5 minutes, sat down straight and started staring into the darkness.. After meditation, I felt like I should go to the gym, bkz I always say to myself, mornings are for the gym so I can have the evening for myself. Although I have been trying to wake up super early to meditate.. bkz, lot’s of places I read, all those superheroes, like Buddha and Ramanujan, were early birds.. 

After the meditation, I felt like going to the gym. Got ready and got to the gym earlier than usual time, had a really good Arms workout, and got to work nice and sharp on time at 8.. had to say goodbye to 3 of my friends at work, but was nice to know them.. 

Got home at 4:20 pm, unpacked my gym back etc, then went to get a haircut..  my new haircut. click on my pic. 


Got home I thik it was 6:10, went to bed listening to Michael Sealey’s meditation for 36 minutes.. woke up was getting ready to go swimming, my mate Rich phoned.. sweet guy, very considerate.. 

Got to swim at 7:40 pm, my Spanish tutor was there.. I repeated in my mind, that I am feeling, active and energetic and I am enjoying the swim.  I said that many times in my mind and I felt super energetic… I break through all of the things that I always thought, how would it feel to do both gym and swim on the same day.. I but I feel full of energy for Friday evening after a long week and many workouts and jogs during the week. I would like to acknowledge my special gratitude to God, universe and everything in the subject for giving me access and energy for all these things.. 

Got home at 9:10, made my dinner.. Beef and Rice, and plain yogurt.. then sat on my desk, checked my Google Ads Campaigns, I am excited to start a new Google Ads course I purchased yesterday, that’s my goal for this weekend actually to finish that course. 

Anyway, enough about my day. How was yours? did you have a productive day? what are you up to this weekend? leave me a comment? xx 

3 x Things that I am grateful for today.

– I am grateful for having all the body parts I have. 

– I am grateful for having the ability to think, talk, walk, sleep ….. 

– I am grateful for having great flatmates at home..  one of them just came into my room to say hi.. 

3 x Happy moments of my day 

– I felt so happy and grateful for walking to work from the gym and the weather was so great, I walked across Kennington Park it looked spectacular.undefined – I felt happy and grateful when a friend of mine messaged me saying she got the promotion as a Deputy Manager at her work.. her manager cal’d her and said that to her.. 

– I felt happy and grateful when my mum txt me saying, Hey Ash, your friend Saritha just txt me saying she got the promotion.. my mum was happy too.. 

 3 x Things I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my destination. 

– Ash, complete Google Ads training this weekend. 

– Ash, Create a new landing page. 

– Ash, Split test landing page. 

1 x Act of kindness today 

Offered her to go first to a lady at the swim.. 

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