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🌈 674 – Tue 26 Apr 23:58 2022


One of the most beautiful cities. So beautiful looking people. Most of them bearded. Did not see a lot of men. This is the month of Ramadhan, streets are packed with men standing here and there but not a sign of a single woman.. nor any plants.. rarely in their black burkhas walking or in the cars but probably 1 in 1000 men I got to see women.. The weather is amazing. it’s warm but not humid so it doesn’t feel like you’re being cooked in a boiler but feels warm and mild.. In London most days I see fog.. I saw fog here too this afternoon but it seems it is not fog but it seems it is a sand storm.

Last night at 1 am brother and I went to the Mosque to offer Quayum-ul-Lyle Namaz, the last 10 days of the Ramadhan every night, and a Jamath stands to pray at 1 am at night sharp. I haven’t known if other countries do it but Saudi does and the view of men walking towards the mosque in the middle of the night definitely makes you feel that there is some magical power to it.

We sleep after the Suhr in the morning, mostly all this month, up all night and sleep during the day.

We opened our bags in the morning and gave all the gifts bought to the family. A necklace for mother, a locket and earrings for sis in law, clothes, gadgets and accessories for brother, father, niece nephew.. etc.. they all love it. So happy to have purchased and see them like it.

The rest of the afternoon, I felt the Roza and I stayed on my laptop where my father took a nap next to me snoring. There was a stand storm outside, brother had asked to keep the window shut so I shut the window and turned the AC off as it was making so much noise so rather be under the ceiling fan hanging from the top and felt so peaceful.

Broke the fast, iftar the 25th Roza went really well at brothers in Saudi.. so grateful and happy for being here with the family.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • For the wonderful Iftar, I had this evening.
  • So grateful for being able to spend time with the family
  • So grateful for having a wonderful Ramadhan after a many many years..