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Celebrate and appreciate your very existence.

When you think of freedom, are structure and discipline the first words that pop into your mind? 
Probably not… 
Let me ask you this, when have you felt amazing and achieved anything great in your life without structure or discipline? 
“Oh yeah, I created a 7 figure real estate portfolio from being undisciplined and only working towards it when I felt like it,”  
…said no one ever. 
In truth, structure and discipline create freedom.

A Little Something For Everyone

Whether that be financial freedom, time freedom, body freedom, or mindset freedom. 

Financial freedom requires discipline around spending, spending less every month, investing your savings, and increasing your financial IQ so that you can make even more.  
Time freedom requires learning to effectively time manage. How do you manage Time? by measuring the things that you like to do.  Anything you do, has to be done from the place of love not from the place of fear. Ego, judgement anything negative can be fear. Create it from love and time does not exist for the moments you are creating. 
If you desire body freedom, it’s important to diligently treat your body with love and respect through both a healthy lifestyle and positive affirmations and self talk.  
To be free of limiting beliefs, it takes repetitive rewiring of neurological pathways through meditation and replacing those beliefs with positive alternatives.
You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is meditate to get your head in a good space. Next is exercise, which leaves you feeling invigorated. You then step into your workspace, feeling inspired and motivated to smash out the tasks that are going to take your production to the next level. Once that’s done, the rest of the day is yours for the taking since you’ve finished all your important tasks.
But get this…
All of this is done from a place of ease / love 
HOW?!? You may ask.
By utilising structure and discipline, because they create the habit, and it’s the habit that brings you freedom. 
Once a habit, it requires far less brainpower to continue.

Start small with implementing more structure and discipline into your life.

👉Try setting the alarm an hour earlier, and when you really don’t feel like getting out of bed, push through and do it anyway.

👉Use your lunch breaks at work to to study and learn new new skills

👉Instead of watching Netflix of an evening, spend that hour working on your business.

Be disciplined about your new routines, and keep them going until they become habits.

If you want freedom, become the most disciplined person you know!

To a better life,