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🌈 608 – Tue 18 Jan 23:54 2022


I just found myself shopping mini ipads, I have to buy 2 of them for mom and dad for next times visit, I’m just making a plan to visit parents in March middle of the month, after almost 3 years since I only saw them before covid and then the lockdown lifted and went back into lockdown again but I couldn’t dare to go see them.. Hopefully it’s true it is now becoming the endamic..

“Let’s write a covid poem..

Covid covid go away..

Covid Covid go away..

Never come back another day!

Endamic endamic are you here? Are you really here or another day?

Let me go see my parents and don’t make me get stuck there.. “

Woke up early around 7 am, logged in to work from home sharp at 8:08. Work was cool. not too busy. Went to gym lunch time, 13:20.. Got back home back to desk at 14:00.

Quick but had a really really good workout.. Did 4 x sets of pull ups, then Barbell deadlifts 4 sets, and then. the gym was busy lunch time It was busy it not usually busy. I found the Incline bench press barbells free did 4 x sets Incline chest.

I was feeling good at the workout and after the workout so people go and workout! Go..

Got home, 14:00 I had 1-2-1 with the manager went well.. Logged off work at 16:20 pm.. I was feeling okay.. stayed on the desk until 18:30 sharp working on the HTML course, it’s getting serious now the course is.

18:30 took a nap. I woke up a couple time during the nap with a jhatka but had good nap and got up around 19:20 I was feeling so good.. Was just doing this and that. and I was getting ready to go swimming. I was should I shouldn’t i? I had laundy to fold and sister phoned from my neices phone and I said, Assalam alaikum.. She said Walakum assalam we spoke to few minutes and it’s 2 am for her she’s going to bed and she wanted to speak, it’s 4 hours ahead to my time zone but I thought it was strange but It was funny.

then I made dinner and I ate.. Beef, rice and tomatoes.. are the 3 things I felt so grateful for today.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer tomorrow and have a nice relaxing yet productive weekend tomorrow?

GNight and good luck bujji..


Bujji means girl in Telugu language kinda respectful way. a lot of people used to call that my sister growing up, people from dads work. night bye!