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🌈 600 – Sun 9 Jan 23:55 2021


OMG! unbelievable, today is the 600th time I presented myself. I dragged myself to sit down and write.. night after night. I sat wrote the date and often times just sat staring and went to bed.

It’s the showing up matters.

Today Sunday, woke up early. It was wet and freezing cold outside with 4 degrees. . I was feeling good in the morning. Got ready and went to the gym around 09:30

Had a really really really good workout. Was only there for 50 min.

Did 4 sets x Barbell bench press, 4 x Incline Dumbell bench press, 4 x Machine flyes, 4 x Barbell military press, 6 x standing Dumbell lateral raises, then did a few Heel taps lying on the mat, Reverse crunches. and then quick Abs on the machine on my way out..

Was at my desk by 12:00 noon. Mother messaged around 10:30 asking what are you doing? when I was at the gym I didn’t reply later when I got home, I said, Sunday resting..

Rest of the day productive productive.. worked updating website.. watched bunch of training videos on youtube and enabled user registration on the website today allowing people to register, login, subscribe and add share their stories as a guest blog.

“what would it take for my this new strategy to work and generate a lot of income and help a lot of people now?”

4:30 pm took a nap. I was feeling so good. It was so freezing so I turned on the extra electric heater for sometime and turned it off.

It’s past midnight now. tomorrow morning work at 8 am..I was gonna do the HTML course over the weekend but I worked a lot on the website my priorities were changed.. and atleast I finished writing my 600th blog tonight so I’m allowed to go to the bed so happily singing.. fed up with my destiny, and this place of no return. I think I’ll take another day. And slowly watch it burn. And it doesn’t really matter, how the time goes by. Cause I still remember you and I. And that beautiful goodbye, we staggered through these empty streets, laughing arm in arm. The night had made a mess of me, your confessions kept me warm. I don’t really miss you, I just need to know. Do you ever think of you and I,

And that beautiful goodbye? .. by Amanda marshall song..

Love you from the bottom of my heart.

Good night, good luck.. Ash. x