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🌈 598 – Wed 5 Jan 23:57 2021


Woke up 6:30. I was feeling good.. stayed in bed until 7:20 then mediated 15 min.. and then got ready and went running.. It was so cold. so cold so cold outside.. it was 4 degrees in the morning. I wore a small inner t-shirt and then a full sleeve another bigger t-shirt, a big monkey hat with a ball on the top hanging, wore shorts and ran.. My nose ran for a bit until I warmed up.. Ran only upto Vauxhall bridge then Lambeth bridge then back home to Oval via royal embankment.. I was in the flow state most of the run. Not a lot of people outside, it was still early, surprisingly a saw a few people jogging. I saw this samurai looking woman first I wandered wow.. another warrier is out.

Strange thing just happened, I got totally distracted and I found myself on Audible looking for books, Quran with English translation, hopefully, to get one when my next audibles credit gets updated.. Amazon had blocked me from returning the books for 6 months, through out the lockdown I listened and returned hundreds of books..

Started work, went well. 10 am huddle I chaired, went well.. at least I felt, it went well., great day.. all works done by time I finish..

1:15 took lunch break. Went to gym.. Oval pure gym in front of the Oval church, not a lot of people in the building, it was lunch time and it’s Covid, lot of people are off.. I had a really really really really good workout. just in 30 min, I got there around 13:38 and left gym around 14:06..

Did Legs.. 4 sets x Sumo deadlifts, Reverse lunges, still leg barbell deadlifts, Dumbell lunges, and Leg calf raises and finally drop set of Abs on my way out.. I felt so great after the workout..

Came home sat back on my desk, rest of the day went smooth. Mother messaged around 16:30 that’s she’s going to bed. I said, I’m still at my desk.. she’s been sending just eyes emoji these days as she’s watching me always.. annoyed me a bit.

17:00 logged off work. I started yawning.. and yawning.. so I said, let’s sleep. I took a nap. I was feeling very great.. I set the alarm for 20 min and I was wide awake in 20 min.. I was feeling good. I thought I would stay in bed for another 20 min and 17:58 I checked my phone and YouGov had sent me an alert to complete a paid survey and it said 8 minutes to complete and I was still doing it 18:08.. around 18:15 I finished the survey by YouGov asing questions.. guys if you want to make some extra money, join paid online surveys. Like YouGov is like Gov. survey market research company, they ask questions to find out what the general population are thinking and you get paid for giving your time. It’s 5000 points £50 transferred to your bank something like that.. I think I had done a few surveys and I have around 700 points soon I will receive some money from them.

I’m going to go now and get some biscuits from the kitchen I have mid night snack craving right now.. yey…

“If I could turn back time, I’ll go wherever you will go..

If I could make you mine, I’ll go wherever you will go..

Way up high or down low, I’ll go wherever you will go..

Run away with my heart.. Run away with my hope..

Run way with my love.. I know now, just quiet how..

My life and love might still go on.. In your heart, in your mind..

I’ll stay with you for all of time.. If I could, then I would..

I’ll go wherever you will go..

Wherever you will go.. The Calling song is on the virgin radio and it feels very good. I don’t know what heaven or hell is but I feel here right now is feeling so great.. is so grateful..

18:30 I boiled 4 eggs and ate them, sat on the desk and updated a couple pages of the website. Google rejected for 3rd time Google adsense. they found errors on the website fix it before they can put some adverts on my website. Wish me luck.

“What would it take for my google adsense on my website strategy to really work and generate unlimited passive income? how will that be for a change?

19:20, I was just doing this and that and I booked swim lane at the Vauxhall leisure centre I was a bit reluctant to go then I said to myself let’s make a commitment and I will go. So I booked for 19:50 and got there at 20:10 the system didn’t let me in bkz I was late and this North American looking reception guy remembered my name, he said, Ash right? I thought that was sweet of him.. He was wearing a mask, I have seen him many times but I don’t think I ever saw his face.

20:10 to 20:50 I was in the water swimming and then had a nice long shower.. got home 21:30 offered Ishah namaz.

Did 4 Rakath Faraz namaz of Ishan. then 2 Rakaths of Salah tu Hajah. and then 3 Rakaths of Salah tu Tazvi. and read 3 times Durud during the dua..

started making dinner and made Rice cooked with some lentils, Been stew with potatoes and tomatoes and sat down to eat at 22:20 watching Spiderman on Netflix.. Excellent movie.. 22:45 I was still there sitting.. Mother messaged sending me just 2 eyes.. I got bit mad and said, Kya hai mamma ye baar baar? (why are you sending me these again and again?).. she said, just wondering what are you up to?

hmmm.. it doesn’t mean, you send me eyes again and again to annoy me!!

3 things felt grateful for today

  • I had looked up this afternoon and I saw straight ahead in the sky sharp looking tiny nail looking Moon and a flight passing by It looked so beautiful.. I read Durud and raised my palms and rotate anticlock wise and I see the same moon in my hands. ( such a coincidence, the whole of the moon song started playing on the radio.. You saw the whole of the Moon.. )
  • Felt so grateful for gym being so close to my flat at the Oval.
  • So grateful I can go to bed now so peacefully that I have done a lot of things today.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, healthier, happier and richer tomorrow and all negative mind patterns please get deleted now!

Good night. good luck.. Ash

Ash Khaleem