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🌈 596 – Sun 2 Jan 23:57 2021


It’s unbelievable where most of my time is being spent today, should I observe it or should I not? should I be judgemental of what I was doing or not? what should I feel for the things that didn’t happen the way I wanted them to happen.

Tbh I don’t feel anything right now. I have stillness. I think I was there with those moments when they were happening and I was supporting to myself for what I was doing.. I was making a choice and I was wondering what I was going to learn at that moment..

Happy Birthday to you Deedi.. Happy Birthday to you.. I missed my deedi today. It’s my older sisters birthday..

Woke up .. Messaged on the group. Happy New year and Happy Birthday in the family whatsapp group chat and then ate can of Tuna meditated 15 min. and then cut my hair today and trimmed beard. I thing around now it became about 11:15 AM..

11:30 I went to run, from Oval tube station over Vauxhall bridge.. then over to the Lambeth bridge.. this guy was walking on the bridge when I was running up, then a bit later., he was running next to me faster then I.. so he was just walking and walking then he started running and he already overtaking me I saw him earlier on the bridge.. It means when he runs he can run faster then me. He was just walking now he was able to catch up with me a head..

Then I said to myself.. Yes darling.. run fast.. as fast as you can.. Come tomorrow or I will show.. Come everyday like me.. the consistency and tell me.. You’re walking earlier.. I never walk during the run. thankfully I don’t take any breaks. So glad went for run.

Around mid day I got ready and went to the sauna the sweatbox and it was closed due to staff shortage with Covid.. and they are opening at 4 pm. I thought my shift starts at 12:pm and I was late so I got there around 2 pm and I had 2 hours I was given to spend in central.

I hope the time spent was wise. I felt guilty for not giving the milk shake I had in my hand to the homeless guy in front of the burger place, although to me he looked like an informer dressed up sitting and keeping an eye on the area..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • While climbing stairs in Stockewell station, I felt like, the flow and it was smooth to be standing on feet and walking and feeling grateful.
  • Felt grateful getting home so easily on the tube.
  • Felt grateful the weekend someone reminded having parents will help so much to keep allianged towards God, traditions and religious customs.. etc.

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer and a very very wonderful last farewell holidays of the 2021 and have a relaxing yet productive day tomorrow? Night. Mon 03 Jan 01:13 now.. some bird is singing outside already morning songs.. the main road had gone quiet and no more noises I hear my clock ticking tick tick tick and my keyboard tuck tuck tuck and I hear only the clear bird singing.. chiew chiew it now said chic chic chi. cwe.e..e .. chic chic..

Night.. Good luck Ash x

Please forgive for spellings grammar and sentences.. remember Almight do not have all forms shapes names spellings or numbers..x