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🌈 587 – Fri 17 Dec 23:58 2021


Woke up at 7:30.. day off I was feeling good. Did not want to get off the bed, stayed in a bit longer.. then got off. sat on the desk worked updating the website, then updated a few pages and I still couldn’t figure out how to update the About Ash section, I’m trying to figure out how this is done. Then allowed Adsense to the website today submitted Google for review.

Google Adsense is when you allow Ads on your website. For example, I have a website and in that website, I have a home page, about me page, blog etc all pages. On blog page, I write every day to fill with content every day so I have a lot of content… and when you allow Google to place some Ads on your pages and posts, it’s like monetization, depending on the traffic I get on my website, I think they will pay dependingly.

13:32 I was still at the desk, mother messaged.. what’s up what are you doing.? I just finished praying Magrib and sitting down.. I said all good, 13:32 time I’m about to get up for Friday prayer. tbh I was not feeling like getting up. I needed a shower before namaz but it was so cold the weather felt in London today is.. then I said, I will go for a run to feel hot so that I can shower and i saw outside it was raining and everything wet.

I just had a quick shower and did the Friday Namaz, and phoned parents and they were eating dinner. I realised probably mothers best time talking is 6:30 pm it around my 13:30pm. around lunchtime, I should probably ring them around those times. I think Dad put the speaker on so they both spoke for a bit. I said ok, sorry eat. Nothing, you asked me to phone again today when I phoned yesterday so I just phoned to see you guys., he said, yeah It’s fine. I can talk about eating and he was still trying to take, I said eat eat. I’m gonna go. Allahaffiz..

Then looked a the time a bit later, I was at my desk and it was became16:20 something.. I started getting ready to go swimming, then looked at the Better leisure centre app and it said, the next swim slot available is 18:10.. due to Covid, they are only allowing a few people in the lane. I booked the last slot available and stayed at the desk until 17:15 then took a nap for 15, 20 min. woke up. I was feeling good. I saw the time, 17:40.. I set the alarm again for 10 more minutes but didn’t fall asleep I was thinking about I didn’t get to say goodbye to those guys last night, I left the Portsea sauna’s job.

Got of the bed, 17:55. got ready and went to Swim, I was in the middle lane, medium fast swim, for a few rows then moved to the slower lane and just got the floor and did 10 laps of legs only. the other rows were so busy, I just jumped in slower lane.. It was fun.. got off water 19:08.. I was feeling so good.

Had a quick shower, came home, made chapatis, and beef and tomatoes from last night, ate them all celebrating and watching some movie on the Netflix these guys were chasing for some Chleopatra’s 3 golden eggs.. 21:00 alarm went off. My usual affirmations time alarm. I let it go. then I was cooking.. 22;00 the alarm went off, the pill time.. I was still eating dinner and was in front of the tv watching that movie.. 23:00 the alarm went off again, reminding me to sit and blog.. so that’s what I just did..

3 thing that I felt grateful today

  • For my flat at the Oval
  • For EE’s 5G wifi, the internet has been very fast since bought this.. “What would it take for me and for you to never have any internet issues”>?
  • Grateful for how chapaties are coming up, as I started cooking recently and chapaties are definitely a challenge to make.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, activer, richer and have a great relaxing Saturday but still very productive day and all negative patterns making it difficult to happen please get deleted now!

Night!.. .. But hang on, lets see what the world has done today a quick glace..

UK covid cases hit new record high amid omicorn wave.

France banning flights from midnight.. boring the new are boring..

One time a friend has asked me, are you trying to improve your english? then why are you reading the news? I was like what!!??

Night! God bless you! Ash