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🌈 586 – Mon 13 Dec 23:49 2021


Woke up around 7:50 had been to bed late last night, still woke up nice. It’s Monday today.

Logged in work sharp around 8:20 work went cool, just worked through lunchtime.

Around 10 am something.. Viewber had messaged saying – Congratulations you’re fully vetted and you’re ready to go. People looking for extra work, Viewber is a website / agency where if you get registered, for example, today they confirmed that I’m vetted and registered that means, around my area where I live and up a few miles around me if any flats / houses / mansions / open house anything properly related comes up, like becomes empty they if a viewer is interested in viewing the property the letting agencies around me will find me from the Viewber website and will contact me saying – are you available tomorrow around 5 pm to to show this property to this guy who’s interested in viewing the property to let. If is say Yes, I’ll have to collect the keys and show the flat as a letting agent and they pay around £15 something for booking etc..

10:50 Back home parents went to drop of sis in law at the airport to KSA to big brother.. 5 days quarantine in a hotel. 1 found case of Omicron but here in UK today was the first death recorded with the Omicron.

Logged off work around 4:15 and quickly ran to the post office Kennington, I was gonna post-Christmas card to Ms Sxxxxx stoke and Pxxxx Brmh over the weekend but I couldn’t do, and the Kennington lane post office is open only until 4:30 I ran there to buy stamps and posted those letters..

From the post office got home on my way via Tesco Kennington, to buy groceries and also wanted to get a small Christmas tree, I know it’s late but it’s a plant you can buy anytime.. but there were none at the Tesco’s, I might have to look at the Lidl at the Stockwell tomorrow.

Got home from the supermarket, bought chicken, beef, eggs, peppers, milk, 12 cans Tuna, spaghetti, rice, biscuits, a small Christmas cake.. got home and made some chapaties and I had mince and daal from yesterday together with some rice ate watching Seinfeld on Netflix.

22:40 brother phoned from KSA, saying wife reached safely and everything in order.

Almost midnight now, 4 x eggs are boiling on the stove I’m just sitting in the window, half-moon was there earlier can’t see now I’m just typing.

3 things I felt grateful for today.

  • For the red post box is literally downstairs to my flat at the oval.
  • Grateful to God for safely reaching my sister in law to my brother between flights in this covid.
  • Grateful for all the chicken and eggs on the planet ever existed.

What would it take for everything to be just fine and have a relaxing yet a productive day tomorrow and all next week?

Night go to bed! Good night, good luck! Ash x