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🌈 580 – Wed 1 Dec 23:54 2021


Woke up 7:30.. What would it take for me to wake up early tomorrow? read the Urdu good morning be good message Dad sent on the group chat. mediated 15 min.. logged in work 08:08.. I was feeling good. It’s freezing in London so cold.. but its; nice. I like cold. Work was cool today. busy. did a couple trainings and then the actions.

Lunchtime when to gym 13:20, when I next to Oval church walking to the gym I realised I forgot to do something so I quickly walked back home and then walked to the gym, didn’t have a lot of time, by time I go there it was 13:40 something, I only 4 x sets of pull-ups for the shoulders, 4 x pulls up for upper pecs, 4 x pulls up for back and 4 x push up on the dips machine.. then quickly a drop set of Shoulders press on the machine starting with 45 kgs. . and the finally a drop set on the Abs machine starting with 41 kg on my way out..

Got home back to desk 14:08.. I was feeling good.. rest of the work time flew.. Mother phoned 15:45.. the time for her back home was around 9 or 9:30 pm Dad went to bed early it seems around 7:30.. I was busy with some construction work he’s getting done during the day.

I logged off work around 6 pm. I was feeling good.. around 6:30 pm I took a nap. it was a so nice nap. it was so so nice nap I didn’t wake up until 7:45 pm.. I was feeling so good.

Got ready to go for run and it became 08:33 pm.. I had an alarm on for doing the affirmation at 9 pm. I said, if I go 8:33. I can push myself to run only one bridge otherwise I always seem to get carried away working out. I was really freezing, glad I wore many layers. I ran from Oval tube station, first to the Vauxhall bridge then by Tate Modern, ran over Lambeth bridge and Albert embankment way, next to my future flat “the Corniche”.. What would it take for me to own a flat in that building now?!! what would it take for this to happen now! I deserve it..

By Vauxhall tavern and then by the Oval cricket ground I got back home… safe and nicely 09:12 pm.. somehow my alarm at 21:00 didn’t go off. I was happy. Sat down did the affirmations.

Made lentils, rice and chicken for dinner while and hoovered the flat while cooking.. then ate watching JerryΒ Seinfeld I recently got into this a week ago and it’s making me laugh.. not a lot of things make me laugh.. the last thing that made me laugh was 10 years ago ugly betty..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Felt so grateful when I realised that post box is just downstairs to my new flat at the Oval.
  • Felt grateful when I was able to walk to the gym and walk back.
  • Felt grateful when I was hoovering the flat.

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer and have a relaxing yet productive day tomorrow.. Night go to bed..

Good night good luck. Ash x

Almost forgot, new restriction back in London Omicorn coronavirus variant spreading.. today 30 November new cases 39,713.. stay safe. x