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🌈 577 – Sat 27 Nov 23:52 2021


Buddie ki Urdu achi hai nai. I just the family group, both parents had sent forward little video on WhatsApp.. some old lady taking in the video very nice old-style Urdu it’s hard to find people speaking real Urdu.

someone asked me today whom the 7 tombs in Hyderabad belong to and I said could be Shah Jahan.. I just looked up and it’s Qutub shah dynasty, not Shah Jahan I was wrong and my house was like 5 min walk from those Tombs in the past and I forgot the name.

Woke up late but was feeling good. Got ready to go to the gym and then it started raining so I didn’t go. got ready and went to Marble Arch worked the whole day until my bones ached.

7:40 I went to eat at an Arabic restaurant. I don’t know what I ate there. I was hungry, food was good but I still couldn’t finish it so. I quickly swallowed meat and then left the rice and bread. was good.

Left Marble Arch around 9:30 pm .. a lot of people were outside Saturday night. winter wonderland was so busy. I took the underground Tube from Marble Arch to Oxford street central line, from Oxford street to Stockwell victoria line and from Stockwell to Oval Northern line got home around 11;10 pm. ate a can of Tuna.

Mother phoned.. 00:30 Sunday. just now earlier. it was 06:03 for her. asked about my day and I asked about her’s and I’m going to bed soon and she’s waking up..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • for Tube station being so close to my home in Oval
  • For my parents, I felt grateful for.
  • For beef, I had in the fridge that I was quickly able to cook this morning before going out.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger happier richer and have a very relaxing yet productive Sunday tomorrow?

Night. go to bed. Ash x